Thursday, September 22, 2011

Saying Goodbye

Saying goodbye to Desperate Housewives is not going to be easy. I know it sounds weird.. but I have come to love and relate to each of the characters. I actually feel as if I know them. I am so not ready for the end.

It is even funny that- I didn't ever think I would like this show. I didn't have cable, and caught the beginning of a second season episode, and didn't even realize what I was watching. I can be so cynical about shows. I usually only get into reality TV, or true crime and love contestant shows. I loved Rock of Love, Tila Tequila, Charm School, Flavor of Love. Yes, straight trash. I love Millionaire Matchmaker, and Talk Soup. What I do not like is scripted, especially not drama. But Desperate Housewives is really more of a dramedy. (Drama + Comedy)

 I guess in a perfect world their families and lives wouldn't matter and they would never get old or run out of story lines... but this is not a perfect world. I have come to know and love Wisteria Lane. I don't know what I will do with my Sunday nights anymore. 

I am sure I will cry at the end of the last episode. But it will be on again, in it's last season premiering this Sunday night 8/9c on ABC. I will be watching it with my best friend, drinking a bottle of Moscato out of rimmed sugar wine glasses (LOL!) 

Marcia Marcia Marcia!!!
My favorite characters are Bree and Gabby. I don't know which I like more.. because I love them both so much. I am so old that I actually remember Marcia Cross being on Melrose Place. Come to think of it- and I just realized this; Melrose Place was EXTREMELY similar to Desperate Housewives anyway!

Will there be a replacement Desperate Housewives on the horizon? What will happen to the characters this season? Amid rumors of a death on the season premiere and deaths of not the top 4 but a few of the top 10 characters, it's going to be juicy- that's for sure!

What will happen to the Stars of this show? Where will they go? Any plans for future series?
What about Marc Cherry? Is this the end of the line for him? I hope not. I am sure the next thing he churns out will be just as good. 

There are several articles floating around (some with interviews and sneak peeks) I have gathered the best of the best for you hardcore fans.

I don't know what my replacement show will be, but right now, closest thing I can find is Pretty Little Liars. No surprise its an ABC show. Even if it is ABC family. I am currently trying to catch up with where they are.  My best friend Bethrented the 1st season's DVD from her Netflix. Seems to be the ONLY place you can rent it from. Blockbuster (which I subscribe to their mail service - and have for many years) doesn't carry it online or in store. I gotta admit, it's pretty good. I was floored by the first episode. This is supposedly a Teeny-bopper show, and in the first episode we have lesbians, shoplifting, and sex and murder. Titillating and intruiging, yes.  But not sure it would be something I'd want an easily influenced pre-teen watching however.

 ABC Family’s Pretty Little Liars will resume its second season in January 2012 
3 Questions for my readers...

  1. What are your opinions about it ending?                                                        I am sad - read above
  2. Which character will you NOT miss?                                                                       I won't miss Vanessa Williams character. I never liked her anyway. She doesn't fit in, plus her old looking neck bothers me. (lol)
  3. What would you like to see happen this season?                                              I want one of the main character's husbands to leave them for another one. Or I want someone to come back from the dead. I want some of the old characters to re-appear AND I want Bree to get back with one of her many ex-lovers. :) I also want the Kids to have a bigger role in the show. What I would really love to see, is the kids come on with their OWN Desperate Housewives show (Part II, naturally) called Wisteria Lane. That would be GREAT
  4. Who will you miss the most?                                                                     Honestly, for me- it's Karen McCluskey- I love that nosy bitch!

I am so not ready to "Kiss Them Good-Bye"!

I am extremely sad about the pending disappearance of my very favorite show in the whole world. I am not sure even if I find a replacement I will ever look forward to - or love it's characters as much as I do this show.


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