Coconut Oil. It's not as big a staple in our diets as it should be. I think its sad that unfortunately (for the public) it's not pushed on us as much as the cheaper oils. You can get vegetable oil and canola oil on the cheap. But is that really what you want to be putting into your body? Price per serving is a bit higher but not too outrageous. Coconut Oil is extremely beneficial is far as oils go..The nut oils are great, as are olive.. but again- only olive is widely available. Every once in a while you will find them on the shelf, but there is usually only one, rarely two. I think it's that a lot of people just do not know. Well here I am telling you- so you can no longer say that you don't know anymore. In this post are valuable links to recipes, and information. As well as at the bottom, you can Tweet or "like" Tropical Traditions Facebook page- (they also host giveaways there as well) and just comment that you did, you follow this blog in the top right corner via GFC and that you want to win. Plus 10 extra entry methods!

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Almost all "virgin" coconut oils sold on the market today are mass-produced by machine. But Tropical Traditions is committed to time-honored traditional practices that have produced  healthy coconut oil for hundreds, if not thousands of years. Our Gold Label Virgin Coconut Oil is still produced by hand, using the wet-milling process of extracting the oil from fresh coconuts. Our producers have learned a lot of things over the years, since most of them have been producing this oil for over 9 years now. They have learned how to pick out the best coconuts from each harvest that produce the best quality oil, for example. Independent laboratory analysis shows this to be one of the highest quality coconut oils on the market, having the highest levels of antioxidants. This enhanced Virgin Coconut Oil is the Tropical Traditions Gold Label brand. It meets our strictest standards to earn this designation. Today when you buy Tropical Traditions Gold Label Virgin Coconut Oil, you are buying the highest quality coconut oil we have to offer, and it is still made by hand and benefiting families in the rural areas of the Philippines where the coconuts grow.