Sunday, September 11, 2011

WTC - Remembering 9/11 where were you?

Remembering 9/11

Like many others.. even though I was not there in NYC during 9/11... even though no one I know personally died. I watched it on TV.  I watched stupefied in horror as those towers crumpled with all those innocent people in them. Lives snuffed out by terrorists before their time. I have tried to put myself in their shoes. It pains my heart to think how many people died on this day ten years ago. 
Over three thousand. 
Then, how many thousands fighting for our country every year since then? 
They are our true heroes. 
The men who rushed in to save those who could not get out.. they are also heroes. 
Women and men who carry on everyday in the face of  adversity, raising their children without their partners the best they can. 
Moms who made it out without their children. 
So many families forever changed. 

Yet, regrettably I think I didn't understand until I had a family of my own what a serious impediment this was to our society. 
How it would affect the way we view relationships with one another.... and with strangers. See, throughout the last decade before 9/11 we learned that strangers can be dangerous. We learn it a little more every year. That's not to say that since 9/11 this is no longer the case. It still is, but I think we had forgotten that not all strangers are bad and we can rely and ask for help and lean on our neighbors, and strangers would lend a helping hand.. 
From each bad event in our lives it creates new growth and new ideas. We hope that all of you continue to prosper and do well. 
This rebuilding is not complete. It probably will not be until our lives are gone. It is strange to think our kids born since this tragedy will think, my mom remembered when that happened. And I do. 
I know exactly where I was. I was 18 years old - living in Atlanta Georgia, and my boyfriend, Micheal R. Smith whom I lived with. He actually worked at the Hartsfield International Airport. Which is a major southern hub- the busiest airport in the country. We lived in Stockbridge- which is a good 30 minutes outside of Atlanta, and over twenty (if my memory serves me correct) from the airport. I remember Micheal used to have to work early in the morning, so when I awoke at 9 AM to him hovering over me, panicking .. I was alarmed and groggy to say the least. He was telling me the World Trade Tower had been hit by a plane. Keep in mind, I am half asleep- and to be honest with you, I had no idea what the World Trade Towers were. I had never really been anywhere at that point in my life, other than Birmingham and its surrounding areas... Florida a few times, and living in Atlanta. I wasn't too brushed up on my New York architecture if you know what I mean. 
He left shortly thereafter and left the news on. I remember watching it riveted, realizing the enormity of the situation. But even from seeing it on TV, it's easy to feel detached. We had no idea at that point how many people were going to die. Looking back on it now, I feel ashamed at my ignorance. 
I was helpless to do anything then, as I am now. Nothing I can say or do will bring back their loved ones. I can only imagine the pain they must be going through today.
 It really doesn't seem like ten years have passed. 
I had to tell my six year old daughter about it this past week. It is kind of like the birds and the bees talk. I really didn't want to be the one to do it. But I would rather her hear it from me, than at school first- and I was afraid she would.
I was right.  
They talked about it Friday. I am so glad I told her, because she said at chapel the preacher asked if anyone knew what had happened. She stood up and told him that thousands of people died when a plane hit a building in New York. It saddens me that my daughter- as young and innocent as she is, should have to know about it. I am not sure why. She just seems too young somehow.... 

But in today's day and time, you have got to educate your children. Other countries just don't like us because of our beliefs, or because our religion is not the same as theirs.. which is wrong. 
Which is why I am proud of my husband for doing his part to protect us. He is my hero as well. Certainly my little girl's hero. Do you remember where you were when the World Trade Towers fell on 9/11 ? Do tell....


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