Monday, September 12, 2011

Shielo Hydrate review

There is nothing worse than cheap shampoo and conditioner. I don't care who protests how it is the same as the other conditioners .. it is not. There is no way it could be. Or else how could they afford to sell it for so cheap?  On occasion, I will use a cheap shampoo. Sure they strip, but if the conditioner is good enough it helps replenish. That is the important part-- the conditioner. In order to be a good conditioner it needs to have fruit and/or nut oils. Something to replenish, nourish, protect the hair. 

Another pet peeve of mine is staying in hotels when I have forgotten my conditioner. I will go to the store with no makeup on, in order to get some. The hotel shampoos and conditioners, well- they feel like you put Dawn or Palmolive on your hair. Like that stripped. Even cheap shampoo is not that damaging to hair. So when I got to try Shielo's moisturizing collection Hydrate- I was thrilled. As soon as I rinsed it out I could tell. Have you ever noticed that the conditioners you use in the after color boxes of home hair dyes feel so "lotion-y" when they are rinsed? I love that- and I am forever trying to replicate that level of moisture and condition. When I found out Sally's sells JUST the conditioner in tubes like that I flipped out. I visit that store regularly now. Now I'm no hairdresser. In fact, I'm not that great at styling. but I do know what I like. I know that this shampoo smells so good, and the rinse out test revealed that it doesn't strip your hair.    

I have wavy hair. I can scrunch it to make it curl, or I can flat iron it. But I have really long hair. The bottle sizes they sent to me- I wasn't so impressed with. I am notorious for using a ton, and sometimes use both twice. So it wouldn't last me very long. I didn't start the whole wash and condition twice thing until I moved here. The water here is terrible and the root of many of my bad hair days. Anything that could be wrong with water... is wrong with it. I wish we could afford a water filtration for the whole house. The water is hard, and very stinky. Like, rotten eggs stinky. You won't drink the tap water stinky. I'm not one of those girls either,  that has to have bottled water- I mean. I have no problems with drinking tap water.. just not this water. All we have now is a reverse osmosis in the kitchen sink. So the water does a number on my hair in the shower.  Where I am going with this- in case you are wondering is the shampoo and the conditioner were excellent. I wish I had a bigger bottle! The water here even couldn't penetrate and weaken my good hair days while using this brand. 

My hair smelled good, brushed easily, had less breakage, and was easy to flat iron and scrunch! Overall I give this product an A+!
The shampoo is regularly $22.49 but right now is on sale on their website for $15.74!

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*Disclaimer:* I was not paid or did not receive any compensation, but did receive samples to review and test out. The opinions in this post are soley mine.


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