Monday, August 29, 2011

3 Tips to Buying a Home for Sale & what to look for

Noah and I have been living in a home we bought almost two years ago. Of course- it's not paid for. But it is weird how your a homeowner when the bank owns your home, right? 
Anyway- I tell all my friends, and I am going to tell you too. Dont get stuck in what we did. Do not make our mistake. What was our mistake? 
Well in no particular order, here are 3. 

#1 - Check the age of the appliances. By appliances I mean; dishwasherrefrigerator, heating and A/C, hot water heater etc.
This will be important to how much money you have to put into your new house. If they are older than 5 years. Don't go for it. Bargain to make the previous owners replace or find another house. Trust me. They will break down, and it comes out of your pocket. Do you know how much a new A/C costs? You don't want to!    

#2 - Check out the neighbors. Make sure you have common ground with them. You don't want to be stuck living next to someone you really don't like.  We move around a lot, one place he had raging party teens next door, drinking at all hours of the night. Loudly. Another place, loud dogs & stuck up people. And still another shady deals going on all day long. You can ignore it all you want, but wouldn't you rather have a friendly trusting neighbor who you would trust your kids around? 

#3 - If possible, check out the insulation and most definitely the age of the roof. New roofs are outrageously priced, and can only be re-roofed one time.  

I hope you guys take my advice into consideration. If your looking for a new home, check out the kansas city real estate.

This is a sponsored post written in behalf of a Missouri real estate  company. All opinions contained within this post are 100%  mine.


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