Tuesday, August 30, 2011

10 Effective Diet Tips

"This is totally relevant to this blog because I have an upcoming review on The Zone Diet (soon) ! " Casey Colette

10 Effective Diet Tips
1- Stay full
Being hungry is bad for you. It makes your metabolism slow down and it makes you crave high calorie foods. Try not to over eat, but don’t starve yourself.
2- Avoid sugar
Too much fat certainly a bad thing, but it is sugar that you need to watch out for. When you consume sugar that you don’t immediately use, it gets stored as fat. Avoid foods with a lot of sugar in them.
3- Protein
Fat is already fat, carbohydrates are broken down into sugar and can be stored as fat, proteins on the other hand cannot be turned into fat. Try to eat foods with a high proportion of protein and low amounts of sugar.
4- Do fun exercise
To get in shape you will need to be active and do some exercise – thing is though, most people find it hard to keep it up. Make sure you find some form of exercise that you actually enjoy and your odds will greatly improve.
5- High intensity
High intensity exercise has been shown to be more effective than low intensity. Try to do exercises that get your heart rate up and tire your muscles. This will encourage maximum long term weight loss.
6- Food diary
Keep a log of everything you eat each day. This will allow you to track your progress and to asses where you have ‘cheated’ and where you have done well.
7- Monitor body fat
Weight loss is a flimsy way to monitor your progress. If you are doing regular exercise you will also gain muscle mass, which means that you may not lose any weight. Get a good quality fat monitor and track how much fat you actually lose.
8- Cheat once a week
Limiting what you eat can slow your metabolism down, it can also be really hard to keep the will power going. So once a week, let loose and treat yourself – this can boost your metabolism and it will also help keep you motivated.
9- Eat often
Eating small amounts often helps to maintain a steady blood sugar level, this will keep your metabolism high and prevent excess sugar from being stored as fat.
10- One habit at a time
This is a really great tip to get you started; research has shown that it takes on average 7 times of doing something before it becomes habit. Try to change one behaviour at a time – if you radically change your diet and start exercising at the same time, you are more likely to fail to make it habit.
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