Monday, August 1, 2011

On my end .. (+ Sea World 52 pics & 4 videos)

Things have been getting slack lately. I am not meaning to.. it is just I have been trying so hard to enjoy Noah's tiny leave from work - plus I have the worst cold... ever. Hopefully - it is gone by tomorrow.
Did you guys know we went to Sea World in Orlando? Yep- we sure did!
I have some videos and pictures I have been meaning to share with you and I decided to stop procrastinating and actually do it today!
So for my stalker/haters and my lover/fans .. this one is for you.
Another glimpse into my uber fulfilling life.
I do want to say, my husband is the best .. he pouts up with me. Defends our country. Spoils our children. He is a wonderful provider, he is handy in building things, a wonderful father, and supports me in all my endeavors. He also helps around the house, sweeping, cooking, the floors, bathrooms, and all that good junk. And he even does my hair (Flat irons)! A keeper I know.
Some of you may nit know, and some of you may .. but my birthday is tomorrow! I'll be 328! Wow, I amde it this long? I am getting kind-of old huh?
You know it's bad when your six year old says  (as she told me yesterday..)
"Um.. mom? You were born is the 19s. I was born is the 20s. The 19s were a LOOONNNG time ago...." ( She might just have a point!)

Wow - thanks GiGi. Always count on her to be super honest!

Devonny is getting so big!

Without further ado - our pictures!


Julie said...

I LOVE Sea World...although only been to the one in CA. Looks like you had a great time :)

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