Sunday, August 7, 2011

Jessie my photo oriented friend

Haven't I already told you guys about Jessie C, my photo oriented friend? She is always taking pictures of Me and Gigi and Devonny... and well- everyone when we hang out!
Here are the lastest and greatest photos she has snapped of us.
Click to go see!   ----->

Isn't her little boy Brayden adorable? I luv that kid! Those eyes.. Devonny's future betrothed.
She was over here yesterday hanging out. Then, I went with my other new friend Jessie, Destiny and Beth to go bowling.. unfortunately (for us..) the bowling alley was closed til Sept 1st.  (BOO!

(The above pics are from the time before last time we hung out.. since I don't have any other pics of us all together)
That is ME in the blue nikes and blue Abercrombie & Fitch shirt.. Destiny in the long dress with the pretty smiles.. my long-long time (child-hood) BFF Beth in the blue T-Shirt and flip-flops and my newest friend Jessie S with the orange Aeropostale shirt...

Soooo.. we went to Ruby Tuesdays and I frightened all the girls (and neighboring tables) with my taboo talk of penises and hangers and my capability of devouring an extremely large salad.
So then we went to see the movie The Change Up. Let me just say: 1st of all... Ryan Reynolds is hot.. I'd love to roll him up in some Reynold's Wrap and ... **ohhh! Excuse me, I'm off kilter and rambling.. 2nd off- the movie was absolutley hilarious. Raunchy- yes.. but still hilarious. Definitely not a movie to let GiGi watch. There was a shit-ton of nudity.
3rd of all, Ryan Reynolds is HOT!
And .. that's about it.
Please give Jessie's blog the old follow if you like.. and see even more pics of us on her blog- by using the link provided below.

PS Did I mention Ryan Reynolds is smoking hot and I wanna put him in a cheese roll-up?


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