Wednesday, August 10, 2011


Some people must think I am stupid.. or they are very ignorant on how to enter giveaways and use Rafflecopter. I think its the easiest thing ever.
There is an extra info box for a reason. For validation.
You cant just click follow and I did it.
No, you have to click follow I did it, and then.. say your twitter name in the extra info box.
Its not going to walk -that you claim to have my button for 5 extra entries, when in fact you didn't and the extra info box is empty. The extra info box is for you to prove &  validate. If you grabbed the button.. then why wouldn't you jusst type in the name/url of your blog where its at? Deleted.
If you want to redo them. be my guest.. but they will be checked. If you like me on Facebook, you are 'sposed to leave your facebook name.

The thing is .. this guy- said he did EVERYTHING - including emailing 10 of his friends and CC'ing me in the email.. which I never got "said email". Since I do not know which entries were valid since so many were NOT.. I chose to delete all of his. Please don't think that will skate with me. I'm not stupid I do check. Mess up like that again and I'll see to it that even if your entry is picked.. i will choose again until I get another winner. That's your one shot bud. I REALLY didn't appreciate that. Noone else does either.. especially those that are doing it right. Rafflecopter should change the words in the box from "Extra Info" to  "PROVE IT BIOTCH!"  LMAO!

Let me  show you what was wrong with his entries, and how I can in fact see your entirely unlegit entries..
Then show you a few columns of how it looks when done right.
OH! OH! And PS.. yes i can find out if you are following too... you see!/michebagdotcom has 2486 followers, so you might think I might not waste my time to check, right?
WRONG!   I actually do and it only takes 5 seconds. Its called  Im going to take a screen shot and show you how this works.


Either way - I just want to show you, cheaters never prosper.. so even just leaving your username.. thinking it wont be checked.. your wrong. Stop wasting my time and yours.. if your not here to do it properly.. then don't do them.
If you uneducated or confused as to how to enter them.. then read this

YOU MUST BE A PUBLIC GOOGLE FRIEND CONNECT FOLLOWER TO WIN. If I click your name and go to your blogger profile and its private.. I have to pick another entrant. If I go to it, and you are following all these bogs, but mine when I scroll down the alphabetized list- is not there.. so I hit CTRL F and type loco and it says zero.. then you are not publicly following me GFC and I have  to pick another winner. This happens a lot. More often than not the winners do not respond within the 48 hours and I have to choose someone else. And sometimes the new winner wont reply either.. it can be very frustrating dealing with these kinds of things in my already stressed life. I am a navy wife whose husband is gone all the time, I don't have any family here and only a handful of friend, plus all the bills, 2 kids, 2 dogs, 3 hermit crabs.. and I have my hands full.. its not that I am not passionate about blogging. I am. But this kinda stuff makes me seriously consider switching to reviews ONLY. I think I will start to make that transition slowly and eventually there wont be any any more. While were on the subject.. guys- if you enter giveaways.. check your spam.. please!

How I moderate Rafflecopter entries.. your about to get a sneak peek into the behind the scenes of bloggers.. LOL
Here's this guys horribly fake entries.



Life,Twins,DramaQueen said...

Sorry they are giving you a hard time.. But thanks fot the info :)

Jackie said...

You know...I have heard a lot of cheating has gone on lately with Rafflecopter. I thought I could share this blog post with you and maybe check IP address? I can't imagine how much time goes into a giveaway-and when people cheat it also screws over the other people entering who are doing it the way it should be done. Check this out and see if you can find any info.

Gerri said...

you go girl rules are rules and if you cheat your outta here!! Way to keep it fair thank you sometimes someone may screw up on 1 and say they did it on accident but on all of them lol....

jill24295 said...

Wow! I never understand why some people hope something good comes out of cheating. I always worry, though, when I see articles like yours, hoping that maybe I didn't misunderstand something or miss something by accident, and in turn have become one of THOSE people you are thinking so badly of. Thank goodness my entry was in your exapmple of doing it right. I'd never purposely try to cheat or be dishonest, so it was nice to see that you think I'm doing everything ok! I learned a long time ago that karma does eventually catch up with these people. So don't let them upset you too much. Just keep doing what you are doing and good or bad, things will come back to people the way they are supposed to :-)

Ashley S - MD Mama said...

I always worried with Rafflecopter b/c I often see people do the "Only Once" entries more than once, like 4 times! I wonder if hosts catch onto this. Thanks for the doesfollow website! Good to have that one hand for giveaways.

Shannon's Tales of Motherhood said...

Great post girl!! I love how your straight-up with everything! The one who cheated should be exposed! lol,,then maybe everyone will know to watch for him.(just my thought)Anyways,I feel like jill24295 afraid I might screw up by mistake after reading your post but I remember your message thanking me for entering correctly.I'm a true believer of Kharma as well.Sorry you had to go through all that hastle because of someone trying to get over.I can see a slip up but all those entries??lol,,you did good calling it out! You go girl!

lewalk said...

This is my comment for 8/17 for the Miche Bag giveaway, fyi. Lol. Anyway, I am SOOOO glad to see you care about this. I see so many people getting away with things and it aggravates me to no end because I am working my ass off to win stuff to help out, and also because I like stuff, and they just do whatever they want to do. I see ALL THE TIME on a giveaway that tweeting or sharing of any kind isn't a possible entry and the people tweet and the blogger lets them use it as an entry. Well if that was okay then they should have told us so we could all do it. I know they blogger knows because they see them and these are usually on the ones that have to be okayed by the blogger before it shows up. Either that or they just okay every entry that comes through. I have satellite internet so sometimes when it goes down and comes back up it causes me to double post. I do any and every thing I can to make sure I play fair and by the rules by deleting duplicate entries if I can, letting the blogger know, or making up for it in the next entry.

Oh my gosh, I just fell in love with you even more. Lol. I just saw your Say No To Captchas button over on the side. HATE THEM!!!!! Geez, if people need captchas and to moderate their comments to protect themselves, if something that bad is going on, they need to find another line of work. Lol. I hate those things. Come on, do the work, pay attention to what's going on on your blog and you don't have to protect it like Fort Knox. Like I know, though. I don't have a blog, yet. I'm too chicken. Lol. That's just my rantings for the day. Thank you.

Leah W.

Shop with Me Mama said...

I love this post!! I never knew about the twitter follow thing and always wondered. Now I can check, so thanks so much :)

Anne-Marie T said...

Hey my entries are used in the "How Entries should Look" example
It's good to know I am doing it right!!

dawns41 said...

Thanks for the info. That is some crazy cheating!

AmberFaith said...

Thanks so much for posting this! I didn't know how to check if someone followed me on Twitter until now! Makes me want to go through ALL the Rafflecopter entries. I guess I was naive in thinking people were honest when entering giveaways...


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