Monday, August 29, 2011

Tea's tea Part Duex (review)

This will be my second review of Tea's Tea. My first review can be found here. This time, I am reviewing the unsweetened version of the plain Pure Green Tea and also the Jasmine tea I was so wanting to try last time! They read my review, and decided to ship me more. I was surprised to find it in my mailbox! What a nice little gift! They also sent me this super cute shirt. Which I wore to the beach later that day! 

 I am a huge fan of green tea! Not only for it's health benefits, but I enjoy its light flavor too! Green tea is high in antioxidants of course. I would recommend you drink it everyday. I'm no doctor- but it doesn't take one to figure it out. All you have to do is read up on it, and know your stuff. Studies are also claiming now that green tea is beneficial in weight loss. Who knows?

I do prefer a sweetened tea. But all that sugar is bad for you. Now, me in my younger 20s, wouldn't have drank this without adding sugar. So it scares me a little that I can tolerate unsweetened now. The flavor of tea without the sugar was actually quite tasty. You can really taste how pure it is. I love the square bottles, they are easier to hold. I am impressed with this tea. 

I did like the Jasmine Green Tea  much better though. I just love jasmine teas! My mother turned me on to them, and they are becoming my favorite flavored tea. I love the floral taste of the jasmine flowers and the smell is incredible. If you have never tried jasmine tea I highly recommend it! Zero calories and 100% of your daily vitamin C! 
This tea (jasmine) was also unsweetened but it did not bother me at all. Again - let me just re-iterate how strange that is for me to be drinking and liking an unsweetened tea!

 If your looking for a good source of pure and healthy & flavorful tea, then you've found it with Ito En.

The Teas' Tea Matcha powder green tea won the 2011 North American Tea Champion award!
Who knows? Maybe a Part III is in the works....

If you haven't already, connect with Teas' Tea on Facebook & Twitter @ITO_EN.


*Disclaimer* This product was provided to me free for review purposes from Ito En. All opinions contained within this post are 100% mine and not influenced by monetary compensation. 


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