Tuesday, August 9, 2011

FindABeautySalon .com Giveaway Salon & Spa Treatments for a year!

 www.findabeautysalon.com reached out to me to let me know about a giveaway it is having! Never one to turn my back on giveaways (Obviously!) I am excited to share this with my readers. (You!
Now, I know it's unusual - but I am not giving ANYTHING away for this one. They are! But I am going to tell you all about it.... and if you are interested you can enter and hopefully win!
Here's what to do: Go to their site here: www.findabeautysalon.com/giveaway.
Enter your email & zip code then.. it will ask you to "Like" a page (just like any other giveaway..) you don't even leave the window/tab.. just click the like box. After you click that- it will take you a list of the available prizes you could win.
  • NordstrOm - 
  • GAP  - 

After you decide which one you would prefer to win, just click ADD COMMENT . and the box is a Facebook Plugin so you will have to be logged in to Facebook) Then type which ever one you so choose. Do them a favor and click "Post to my Facebook Wall" so your friends can ask you what your talking about and you can direct them to this post! (Me!) Where I will tell them too! Then you are entered to win another prize: a weekly gift card giveaway! 
The best part is.. it only takes a minute or two! Super simple ...
Plus + once you submit the form it will ask you to attach your Yahoo! or other contacts to email them about it, and get three extra entries! Or you can just type their email addresses in the box provided!

On their site they help you find reputable spa's and salons near you. Whether you need to be pampered because of stress at work or just at home.. or of your like me and have two kids making you want to climb the walls. You need to win this. Even if you don't win.. summer's over and it is time to de-stress.. when you ready to book an appointment you know where to go to look for a place! Its super easy to remember, but don't forget to bookmark it! 
Did I mention there is an area to enter your zip code? I entered mine and brought up numerous salons.. but the closest one to me is  Synerge Salon & Spa in Jacksonville.
Where is yours? Comment back here please if you enter! I am interested to know who I am in the running against &/or what your thoughts about it are!
Discussion is open!


slehan said...

I entered & have 40 points, but can't get the search thing to find my salon to give a review. Oh, well.
Thanks for letting me know about it.

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