Monday, August 1, 2011

A throwback - five of my most favorite videos

The sexiest video of all time (JMO)

How gorgeous is she in this video? I think I wanna fall in love with her too. Gosh how old is Helena Christensen   in this video? I know she's 43 now.

Ditto for Stephanie Seymour in November Rain. She is absolutely beautiful in this video. Jealous! 

Lets not forget the reigning Queen of the 90's supermodels Laetitia Casta (my fave) she can be sen in this link (video)  I didn't add it to this blog post, because I didn't want to bog it down, anymore than I already have. Besides, whatever happened to her? I miss her!

The most passionate video (JMO)


Tragic .. but true.
Now the next two, doesn't really fit in with the ones above. The ones above are late 80's/90's.. this one is more recent.

This video marks an important part in my life- when i realized you can't change someone who doesn't want to. Two people going their separate ways. It was sad, but sadly, it was a chapter in my life. I used to not be able to watch this without crying. Amazingly - Giana used to also cry when this song was on. Amy Lee does a good job of expressing her real emotions in this song. Now I can listen to it and know that its ok to be sad that I went through that. Any one with a heart would. Its sad though, that he has no heart. It truly is. No blame can be placed  on me. I did everything I could to save him form himself ...  And to keep in touch with reality and his blood. He chose to walk away.


JMO= Just My Opinion


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