Thursday, August 18, 2011

Giveaway- Carmex Lime Twist and Vanilla 8/27 ***CLOSED!!!***


Carmex. Good stuff. The end.

No I am just kidding. It is late. And I am in a silly mood. I do actually love Carmex. Here's why; I used to get cold sores, and haven't had one in a very long long time. Carmex was the only thing that ever cleared them quickly. NOTHING else worked. Nope, not even that expensive stuff that claims it works. The only thing I ever used and would recommend for cold sore/fever blisters is the good old fashioned pots of Carmex. I can't vouch for their other products for that issue anyway.. and being honest with you, as I always am, I do not care for the scent or flavor of the original Carmex.. But jeez does that stuff work miracles.

On to what they sent me, which unfortunately they didn't send that! Luckily, I have some though. Because I only use it when I need it, and it lasts me years. 
Here's what's was in my kit: 
  • 1 Carmex Lime Twist click stick
  • 1 Carmex Vanilla click stick
  • 1 Certified Awesome Picnic blanket* (it's really cute)
  • 1 Carmex Moisture Plus® clear satin gloss finish

Of the stuff they sent out- my favorites were definitely the Picnic blanket and Carmex Moisture Plus clear satin gloss finish. 

I can't help it, I have never and will never use lip balm. I like gloss an awful lot, but I don't use it often either. I use lipstick. 

I am just super girly. What can I say? 

Anyways, I did try it, and they smell really good! 

I gave them to my husband, because he is a lip balm junkie. He empties his pockets and it's always in there. I think he must put it on more than I re-apply my lipstick. But then again, he's got those Angelina Jolie lips too! 

The picnic blanket is awesome. Not only does it roll and velcro up, but also has a zippered pocket. Did I mention It also has a slicker heavier bottom and doesn't blow away on the beach like my other fold and roll picnic blanket, which is made by Diaper Dude? I was excited to see that. Plus- its also soft and furry! Which my Diaper Dude blanket isn't. So Diaper Dude blanket- move over.. cos baby- you are outta here! 

I love the Moisture Plus Gloss they sent. That's the one I DID like a lot.

Request a sample!

Now on to the three giveaways...

One - here on Locomotion of Expressions below!

The other 2, hosted by Carmex!

One here by tweeting on Carmex's website. Super simple &the form is ready, you just click 2x. Another HERE on their Facebook 

Both of these giveaways, like mine, couldn't be easier to enter!

The giveaway prize!
Here's what's going to be in your kit: 
  • 1 Carmex Lime Twist click stick
  • 1 Carmex Vanilla click stick
  • 1 Certified Awesome Picnic blanket* (it's really cute)
  • 1 Carmex Moisture Plus® clear satin gloss finish
All you need to do is both "like & follow" me.
Links on the sidebar- and leave your Facebook and Twitter name in a comment telling me that you are all three of the above. GFC follower, Twitter Follower AND Facebook Fan. 

I do check these entries on Facebook by Hitting CRTL F and twitter by using

You do not have to leave your email address in but one comment.  You also do not have to leave it at ALL if it is listed on your blogger profile. If you don't know what I am talking about, look to the right sidebar to the tag/label cloud and click "Instructions"

 That's it.(wellll.. almost!)


For one extra entry- you can "like" Carmex's Facebook page. HERE:

And for another you can post on their wall I sent you.  (And that's it.) 

A grand total of three whopping entries.
Sometimes I like to keep it short and sweet. To give people who just don't have time to tweet daily a chance to win something. the odds are stacked against them, and I feel sorry for them. If you end up with more than three entries, even if its to say "you left something out" I will delete it! Just sayin...  :)
This contest will end August 27th at noon eastern! Good Luck!

Plus, win another Carmex giveaway: here by tweeting on Carmex's website.
See complete Rules

*Disclaimer*- I was provided at no charge all the items in the Carmex Prize Pack for review purposes,all opinions are mine!


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The Carmex® Team

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