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Lets zone it out!

Polyphenols are what makes the Zone diet by Dr Sears so successful!
In the end this diet plan didn't help me lose any weight. But it was tasty, if a little overpriced for 2 boxes or two weeks of bread and 14 days of omega 3 pills and Polyphenols.

The Debate on the Zone Diet
The Zone Diet has neither been rejected nor endorsed by health organisations. Some health experts see some elements of the Zone Diet as favourable, especially the low-fat content. The ADA (American Dietetic Association) sees the Zone Diet as just another fad diet. Some health experts argue that there are safer diets such as the ‘5 A Day’ program (which encourage people to consume five servings of fruits and vegetables a day).
The Zone Diet: For:
  • The Zone Diet features good amounts of fruits and low starch vegetables and is low in saturated fats;
  • Restricts low nutrition carbohydrates; and
  • If followed correctly allows for steady weight loss.
The Zone Diet: Against
  • Complicated and scientific;
  • Restricts calorie intake means it’s hard to stay on
  • Eliminates some essential vitamins and minerals found in certain founds;
  • Expensive to follow
  • Time consuming and inconvenient

The Basic
Calories are distributed as 40% carbohydrate, 30% fat, and 30% protein at every meal and snack. In contrast, most "healthy diets" recommend calories be distributed as 55-60% carbohydrate, 12-20% protein and 20-30% fat.

How A Person Can Lose Weight On This Diet
Calories eaten must be below calories needed to maintain weight (i.e., low calorie). This is a low calorie diet. The higher protein level of the Zone Diet can also provide more satiety with meals and snacks. High carbohydrate food portions and sweets are restricted, so blood sugar surges after a high carbohydrate meal or sweet do not occur. This also helps control appetite.

Meal Plans
Protein needs are based on your lean muscle mass and physical activity level. Then you divide your protein into blocks, each block of protein equals 7 grams of protein. Once you know the required number of protein blocks you give yourself one carbohydrate and fat block for each protein block. Each meal has the same number of blocks for carbohydrate, protein, and fat. For example, lunch may include 3 blocks of protein, carbohydrates, and fat. You must keep this ratio for all meals and snacks. One block of carbohydrates is equal to 7 grams of carbohydrates while one block of fat is 1-½ grams.

Special Concerns
People who engage in endurance exercise are at risk for poor energy levels and muscular fatigue due to an inadequate carbohydrate intake.

The Zone recommends that alcohol may be good for you if taken in moderation (~1 drink per day) preferably red wine.

  • To be in the Zone you need a diet that is exactly 40% carbohydrate, 30% fat, and 30% protein at every meal and snack.
  • Insulin causes people to gain weight.
  • It is easy to lose weight on the Zone diet with "easy" rules.
  • A moderately active, 5-foot, 4-inch woman weighing 125 pounds with 23 percent body fat should eat just 775 calories per day.


  • Promotes eating fat and protein in the diet.
  • Addresses the importance of drinking plenty of water throughout the day.
  • Recommends exercise in combination with diet for weight loss.
  • Recommends snacking throughout the day.
  • Promotes low-fat protein foods.


  • Limits many grains (pastas, cereal, breads, potatoes), fruits (bananas and orange juice), and vegetables (carrots and sweet potatoes).
  • Complicated rules govern the diet. Dieters must calculate protein requirements based on complex charts and tables. Must also follow the "macronutrient block method" to determine how many "blocks" to eat per day and when to eat them.
  • Strict, controlled diet which does not work for the fast-paced lifestyles of today.
  • Recommends that for the average person a Zone-favorable diet should contain no more than 800 to 1,200 calories a day.
  • Food is treated like a medical prescription. "You must treat food as if it were a drug. You must eat food in a controlled fashion in the proper proportions- as if it were an intravenous drip."


  • Excess calories cause weight gain not specific carbohydrates.
  • Not one of the studies that Sears conducted to prove his diet works has been published.
  • Diets recommending less than 800 calories may be dangerous and should be medically supervised.
  • Anyone on a low-calorie diet is likely to lose weight.
  • May impair athletic performance.


What You Can Eat on The Zone Diet

The Zone diet does not recommend that you eat fewer calories than you're currently consuming, just different ones. Although the book has a more complicated and exacting measurement of what to eat, it can be simplified as:
  • A small amount of protein at every meal (approximately the size of your palm or one small chicken breast) and at every snack (one in the late afternoon, one in the late evening)
  • "Favorable" carbohydrates twice the size of the protein portion -- these include most vegetables and lentils, beans, whole grains, and most fruits
  • A smaller amount of carbohydrates if you have chosen "unfavorable" ones -- these include brown rice, pasta, papaya, mango, banana, dry breakfast cereal, bread, bagel, tortilla, carrots, and all fruit juices.
Dairy products are not verboten, but The Zone diet devotes little time to them, except to explain how quickly they release glucose. Sears prefers egg whites and egg substitutes to whole eggs, and low-fat or no-fat cheeses and milk.

The Zone diet keeps saturated fats to a minimum but includes olive, canola, macadamia nuts, and avocados. Certain unfavorable carbohydrates are restricted because they release glucose quickly: grains, breads, pasta, rice, and other similar starches, a deviation from conventional definitions of a good diet. Overall, the diet is higher in protein and fat than traditional diets, which would have us eat nearly three-quarters of all calories as carbohydrates.
Sears is fairly rigid about the amount of protein/fat/carbohydrate each of us needs, and takes the reader through a short course in determining our protein need, based on size, age, and activity, which then determines the amount of fats and carbohydrates we should be eating.
Happily for those of us who would be depressed at the thought of forgoing desserts for the rest of our lives, his list of allowable foods includes, among others, high-fat ice cream. Why high-fat? Because the fat retards the rate of absorption of carbohydrate into the body, according to Sears. Alas, the recommended portion is a mere half-cup.

Food For Thought

The 40-30-30 ratio of The Zone diet applies to all meals all the time, and a broad range of foods are allowed, so there are no confusing schedules or conditions that need to be memorized. Though dieters should find it easy to follow, nutritionists give The Zone diet mixed reviews.

Pros: great idea for healthy bodies.
Cons: Nothing everyone shouldn't already know.
The Zone Diet is pretty muck just a book that will tell you what you should already know. Eat right and exercise. 

Dark Before Dawn _ Ready for Halloween? Creepy!~

Excerpt from Dark Before Dawn by Stacy Juba

Now available for Kindle, Nook, & Smashwords with a paperback edition coming in November. The e-book edition is 99 cents throughout October for a special Halloween promotion.

Book blurb: 
When teen psychic Dawn Christian gets involved with a fortuneteller mentor and two girls who share her mysterious talents, she finally belongs after years of being a misfit. When she learns her new friends may be tied to freak “accidents” in town, Dawn has an important choice to make – continue developing the talent that makes her special or challenge the only people who have ever accepted her.

Dawn dug her fingernails into the seatbelt as Candace drove through Covington Center. Maybe she should forget the whole thing. What if she wasn’t good enough for Serina? What if Candace and her friends were into weird stuff? Dawn eyed a pewter dragon dangling from the rearview mirror. Bells tinkled on its curved serpentine tail at every stop light and turn.
  Who the heck attached dragons to their mirrors? No one Dawn knew, that was for sure.
  "What’s up?" Candace asked.
  "I was just noticing how neat your car is," Dawn said. She wasn’t lying, exactly. The Chevy’s spotless interior had surprised her, after riding in Ken’s mess on wheels.
  "I have to be neat or my psychic abilities go on the fritz. Organization unclogs the drains in your life. Serina says you need outside order to support inner order."
  "Really?" Dawn thought of all the storage baskets and shelves in her bedroom. Had she been acting out that principle subconsciously?
  As Candace parked in a driveway, Dawn gaped out the window at the cream cottage she had seen the first day of school. The cottage had spoken to her, sending out warning vibrations. She shouldn’t go in there. She really shouldn’t.
  Dawn regretted texting her mother that she was staying for extra help. No one knew who she was with, or where she was.
  "This is where Serina lives?" she blurted out.
  "Yeah. Why?"
  "It gave me bad vibes the first time I passed it."
  Candace shrugged. "I wouldn’t worry. You could have been picking up vibrations from the last people who lived here. It could’ve been from Serina, too. She’s had a tough life and sometimes bad memories linger. When you have abilities like ours, it’s easy to jump to conclusions. Serina can teach you to look deeper."
  Reluctantly, Dawn closed her car door. Veined yellow leaves stormed down from the birches, gliding across the grass. The wind, the ocean, the smell of salt water, everything seemed magnified.
  They trudged up the stone walkway and mounted the porch steps. Dawn examined the hand-painted sign she’d missed from the road: "Psychic Readings Here. Call 555-3990 for appointment."
  Candace pressed the doorbell. Shaking off her fears, Dawn pulled a lavender brochure out of a basket on a wicker end table. She skimmed the headings. Serina did tarot, palm readings, meditation sessions and past life regressions.
  The door swung open and Dawn blinked at the lanky girl in front of her. She reminded Dawn of a scarecrow, skinny arms and legs hanging out of her clothes.
  The girl adjusted her baggy sweater, the fabric slipping down her shoulder. Acne blotches reddened her chin and oily brown hair straggled from a rubber band at the top of her head. "Hi, I'm Jamie. Come on in."
  Dawn stepped into a narrow foyer, sniffing the sweet scent of burning incense. A strange sensation overcame her, as if a powerful presence inhabited this house. Dawn grasped the banister, reeling from the impact of whatever invisible force sheathed the air. She gauged how the sensation made her feel. Uncomfortable and a little sad.

Buy Links:
Amazon Kindle:
Barnes&Noble Nook:

Bio: Although Stacy Juba specializes in writing adult novels, she has also authored books for children and young adults – she pursues whatever story ideas won’t leave her alone. Stacy’s titles include the Amazon bestselling adult mystery novels Twenty-Five Years Ago Today and Sink or Swim, the mystery short story Laundry Day, the children’s picture books The Flag Keeper and Victoria Rose and the Big Bad Noise, and the young adult novels Face-Off and Dark Before Dawn. Visit her web site at

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Discovery Girls Wins 2011 Gold National Parenting Publications Award

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About Discovery Girls Magazine
Discovery Girls gives girls ages 8 and up the advice, encouragement, and inspiration they need to get through the difficult preteen years. It’s the only tween magazine that allows its readers to write feature stories, model, andappear on the cover, Discovery Girls gives girls a voice, addresses their fears, and answers their toughest questions, all in an exciting format with quizzes, fashion, embarrassing moments, crafts, and more! Discovery Girls celebrates girls' uniqueness and encourages them to love all that they are. It’s a great resource for girls andtheir parents. For more on the magazine, visit
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O.N.E Coconut Water review

How lucky am I these days? I get to interact with all of these great brands! One namely being O.N.E Coconut Water!
O.N.E.™ coconut water with a splash

I have tried O.N.E. coconut water before. I can find it in my local Publix store.. plus my other favorite store online is Amazon.. you can get free shipping on most everything and some pretty sweet deals too! See, back when I was doing surveys all the time... Most of the companies paid in Amazon Gift Cards (What I will be using to award one winner a 50$ GC to Amazon for my Locomotion of Giving contest! ) That was the first time I decided to try them. I got the O.N.E Coconut Water with Passion Fruit and it was delicious! I got them for a great deal too! I think they were $15.52 with free shipping for a 12 pack, making them around one dollar a piece! 

(My O.N.E. Coconut water shipment!)

You know what my favorite thing about O.N.E. Coconut Water is? Not that it's good for you, although that doesn't hurt. I most enjoy the smaller containers. Anyone who knows me and reads my blog knows if it 'aint coffee or tea (which I love as much as coconut stuff!) and sometimes even if it is.. it's super hard for me to drink more than like 2-3 glasses of liquids a day. Days go by where I don't drink at all, because I am not thristy. It's weird and unhealthy. But it's just me. So a lot of the time.. I pour a drink and it goes to waste. O.N.E. plain coconut waters (which I didn't get, but would LOVE to have!) have resealable lids. Like twist off! But even though I didn't get those I can always order them later.. and probably will! 

The variety I was sent is pictured below!

Pink Guava. I have never had fresh or flavored Guava anything. I wasn't sure I was going to like it. But I did! I do know that the Passion Fruit flavor is better. In my opinion- but this one was just as good! 

I'm off track, the best part is how little they are. Most people would be turned off by that, But I love everything about the container. I love the shape, the little aluminum (plastic?) pull tab to insert a straw OR drink from. I like the metallic shine of the paper on the drinks. I even like the color and shade of blue used. I like the way it tastes mostly. I just like it head to toe. You know- if it was bad, I'd be the first one to tell you!

Now lets get into what the sent to Giana and Devonny. The kids O.N.E. Coconut Waters! They actually sent four 8 packs of kids drinks. That is awesome. I wish these were more widely available at every store. Maybe soon. Hopefully. Well, Devonny loves the coconut water (w guava) and the Kids variety they sent. The drinks to be honest... I don't like it at all! However- Giana hasn't said a word about not liking them. The regular O.N.E. drinks are much better, but the kids drinks were definitely not my forte.
The Kids O.N.E. has four varieties: Apple, Fruit Punch, Raspberry Lemonade, and Orange. Giana liked Fruit Punch and I liked Raspberry Lemonade! Devonny liked them all! 

Giana likes juice boxes, and these fit that need, a typical fun kids juice box with straw! No different on the outside to the child. They don't realize its "good for them". But inside, much much different than the massive juice overload at the store. My issue with juices nowadays is this: you can buy a flavored juice, and the juice is 75% apple and/or apple & pear! You know why?
It's cheaper because it's crops are more resistant. 

It has an average retail price of 48.55 on Amazon.. but it is the 32 drinks, The 4 packs of 8 packs, just like what I was sent. That makes each drink average about 1.50? I am pretty bad at math, but that looks about right to me. That seems a little steep, especially for us to be packing in Giana's lunch for school everyday. But on their website you can also buy coconut water, and the same waters are $21.44. I guess it's supply and demand with them rather than a set price. The prices seem to rise and fall a lot with them online. So you never know, looking at their online store with all the prices laid out, some cost significantly more- and some way less. That is a good though! That means if you check it often, you might chance out on a really good deal! Right now, they have a really good deal going on too! But I am grateful we didn't pay for them. Thanks so much Lucy! I wouldn't feel guilty spending Amazon Gift cards I had earned or won on them... A few other webstores sell the drinks for 5$ for an 8 pack. That's a much better price, but I would question it's freshness being sold second hand. When it comes to buying food/drinks online- I'd much rather but it straight from the company!  Paying for private school + uniforms doesn't leave much room for things like this. Water is free. :)
I can't believe I just said that-- no really? I can!
Anyway, it was good and the kids love it. I love knowing the kids are drinking something that is 100% good for them with no bad stuff whatsoever... There aren't many drinks that they can drink around here or that can be bought at the store that are that whole nutrition. They all seem to contain something bad.
Even Orange juice is bad nowadays.  Read the disgusting truth about orange juice. So yes, expensive, but totally worth it. Just remember, you get what you pay for. And when it comes to your life, your health, and especially your kids life and health... It would be more worth it in the long run to be proactive about their health now. There is nothing more healthy than coconuts. :)

So there it is:
You guys know I am coconuts for coconut stuff.

In fact, I have several blog posts about Coconuts already! It's a yummy food. My secret guilty pleasure is an Almond Joy!

The O.N.E. Commitment to Healthy Kids
O.N.E. is a "Trusted Partner" of Healthy Child Healthy World, a non-profit organization that is dedicated to creating healthy environments where children and families can flourish.  They educate parents, support protective policies and engage communities to make responsible decisions, simple every day choices and well-informed lifestyle improvements.

Research shows that our daily fluid intake behavior (spontaneous drinking) is established during the toddler years. So while they are young, teach your children to enjoy drinking water and natural low-sugar beverages like O.N.E. Coconut Water to keep them healthy throughout their life.

Recommended fluid intake for children:
  • 0-6-month-olds — 0.7 liters per day
  • 7-12-month-olds — 0.8 liters per day
  • 1-3 years old — 1.3 liters per day
  • 4-8-year-old kids — 1.7 liters per day
  • Adolescents — more than 3 liters per day for males, and 2-2.7 liters per for females
NOTE: One liter is about 34 ounces

Other Ingredients: Organic Coconut Water From Concentrate, Filtered Water, Apple Juice Concentrate, Pear Juice Concentrate, Lime Juice Concentrate, Natural Flavor, Orange Juice Concentrate, Ascorbic Acid and Cherry Juice Concentrate

Maybe I can do another review with them in the future because this is blowing my mind right now!
Coffee Berry? Cashew? Amazon Acai? Are you kidding me? that sounds delish!

Why Coconut Water anyway? Total Hydration!
Plus don't forget to check out these

Lastly- I want to share with you their donation program!
For every Facebook like O.N.E. Coconut Water receives, they’ll make a free $1 donation to Healthy Child Healthy World

Disclaimer: O.N.E. Coconut Water provided me with a free sample of this product to review, and I was under no obligation to review it if I so chose.  Nor was I under any obligation to write a positive review or sponsor a product giveaway in return for the free product.

Monte Carlo review soon, Top 5 Sister films!

Once again, another reminder about my upcoming review of Monte Carlo! My little girl Giana is obsessed with Selena Gomez and she is going to be SOO excited when we get it! In honor of the films upcoming DVD release I have another list to share with you!

Top 5 Sibling Rivalry Films 
Debuting on Blu-ray & DVD on Oct. 18
In the Selena Gomez flick, Monte Carlo, Grace and Meg are forced to travel across the world together to bond as stepsisters. The two are not happy with the arrangement, but go along with the deal for their parents. Here we explore the best movies about sibling rivalry and family clashes.
Selena Gomez stars in Monte Carlo as Grace, a recent college graduate who is ready to live out her idea of a perfect vacation with BFF Emma (Katie Cassidy) to Paris. After several twists and turns, including her unhappy stepsister Meg (Leighton Meester) joining them on the trip, Grace falls into a fairytale of her very own in the French Riviera.

1)    America’s Sweethearts
America’s Sweethearts tells the story of one sibling’s position in the limelight and the other’s position in her shadow. When ‘American’s Sweethearts’ Gwen Harrison (Catherine Zeta-Jones) and Eddie Thomas (John Cusack) separate after Gwen is discovered to be having an affair, Eddie has a nervous breakdown. Gwen’s sister and assistant Kiki is used to being insignificant but Eddie is drawn to her. The story comes to a head when Gwen declares that they are back together to look good in front of the press, but Eddie does not go along with her story and his true feelings are revealed.

2) My Big Fat Greek Wedding
Toula (Nia Vardalos) is 30 and the only woman in her family who has not settled down with a Greek husband and made a family. Instead, she is stuck working in the family restaurant and feels inadequate compared to her seemingly perfect sister, Athena. Her mother Maria encourages her to take computer classes at college, enabling her to work in a travel agency. It is there that she meets Ian (John Corbett), a handsome English teacher. After dating for a while they decide to get married, to the dismay of Toula’s family. They eventually accept him, but not before he endures Toula’s family’s ‘help’ in more ways than one.
3) 16 Candles
Sam Baker‘s (Molly Ringwald) 16th birthday is completely forgotten by her family as her older sister Ginny is getting married the next day. Things are not helped by her huge crush on the older and more popular Jake Ryan. As if things couldn’t get any worse, without her knowing, a note meant for a friend expressing her love for him has found its way into Jake’s hands. All is not lost in the end, as her family apologizes for forgetting her birthday over her sister’s wedding, and Sam and Jake share a special moment...over 16 candles.

4)                The Parent Trap (1998)
Annie and Hallie (both played by Lindsay Lohan) are twins separated at birth...until their parents unknowingly enroll them both at the same summer camp. After seeing each other’s faces at the same time after a fencing match, a rivalry erupts between them, leading to pranks that eventually get out of hand and cause them both to be isolated from the rest of the camp. It is during this time that they realize they are twins and agree to teach the other how to be like her in order to switch places. They create a plan to split their father from his gold-digger fiancĂ© and reunite their parents.

5)                Monte Carlo

While on vacation with her BFF and stepsister, Grace (Selena Gomez) is mis-identified as British heiress Cordelia Winthrop Scott who is in Monte Carlo for several important appearances. These events are leading up to a huge auction raising money for charity that the spoiled Cordelia must be at, even if Grace must pose as her for the show to go on.

Cyber Safe Social Networking for kids = Kidzworld!

I don't know if any of you have ever given it much thought but with more and more kids on Facebook, the majority of them underage.... You can tell by their pictures they are too young to be on there. I can tell you first hand I am married to a sailor and I have a foul mouth. Most kids have no business seeing what I write .. and I sure don't want to have to censor myself.  In fact- you don't even have to be friends with them for them to see. I am pretty sure you can have your security sections set to "Friends Only" and if a friend of yours comments on a post of yours it can show up in their friends feed. Social Networks are tricky like that! Where are the parents? Why are there no Social Networking Sites for Kids? With my little girl rounding up her young age, I can't help but wonder how long until she wants one. Sneaks around to make one..etc. There are a few kid friendly sites out there, but most kids either don't know about them.. or are uninterested because their friends are. If we makes these sites available to our children and monitor them well- it seems like a better alternative for all involved. I have seen numerous teenagers post their numbers on Facebook on a friend of mines status. I always comment on it and tell them how foolish they are, but they just shrug. A lot of teens seem to be completely oblivious to the fact they are not immortal. But it's not just teens. Many pre-teens will lie and say they are old enough for an account, when you can look at their page and their collection of Squinkies (Yes, Squinkies!) and tell they are not. It's so silly and I think it's more of a problem than people are aware. That's why I was so relieved to see this site:!

Since there are so few Social Network for Kids, this one is neat! There are blogs, games, quizzes, and articles about things geared towards kids. Since the site is fully moderated parents can rest easy that nothing fishy is going on or being talked about.  The best part I found? A section for 
homework help!

So what are you waiting for? Go check it out and sign your kid up! Make sure they get their friends to sign up too! 

Five Finger Tees (.com) Review

"Like" on Facebook to be entered to win automatically a shirt there! 

Chicken Pot Pie shirt only 9.99!

Pull Out shirt only 9.99!
What do you guys think of my husband slash mode pictures above? He's a cutie, huh? I really like those shirts. They are SDF! (So Darn Funny) In case you guys don't already know, I am the Queen of sarcasm! It's just one of my many specialties. I am fluent in sarcasm. That's why I like so much! My husband fortunately shares my sense of humor. I find offensive shirts funny. I get so tired of trying to be polite. It is funny to see people's reaction! 

Not only does Five Finger Tees sell funny and offensive shirts, they also sell hoodies, gamers shirts, and cult movie shirts and more. I even found a Rob Zombie Captain Spaulding shirt! Picking two T-Shirts from them was so hard! It took us forever! We finally decided on the Pull Out flash drive shirt, and Chicken Pot Pie shirt.  I have posted pictures of the best of the best below. We almost ordered the "I prefer to be on top" bunk-bed shirt instead. :) 

The best thing about this site is all of their shirts are "A freaking Steal@!" at 9.99. Some of the shirts they are overstocked on, and want to make room for more, so you can get one mystery-t-shirt for $4.99 OR 5 mystery tees for $19.99. Since they are all so cute, that is a really good deal. 

Another thing I really liked about the site is the shirts are available in numerous colors. So if your man likes.. idk- say the Nintendo Cartridge "Blow Me" shirt, but doesn't necessarily like it in white, he can order it in another color! This site is a great find with holidays right around the corner and the brother/boyfriend/dad/husband (fill-in-the-blank) you have no idea how to shop for! Bonus points? They also have Halloween shirts and you guys know that's my favorite time of year! 

So do keep them in mind and also check out the shirts there! It's definitely a good laugh! If you like, find them on their social networks and stay updated for future sales and promotions. If you like them on Facebook you will be entered to win a great prize.. your very own free Five Finger Tee's shirt! Be sure to tell them you found them on Locomotion of Expressions! 

"Stop Staring At My Pumpkins"

FiveFingerTees on Facebook & on Twitter @FiveFingerTees!

*Disclaimer:* I was not paid or did not receive any compensation, but did receive samples to review and test out. The opinions in this post are soley mine.