Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Plum District STEAL!! 15$ for 35$ (freeship too) of Yes To (carrots, blueberries, tomatoes) products! !! 12$ for 30$ worth of Kidorable

Do you guys remember my rave about the http://1caseycolette.blogspot.com/2011/10/kidorable-girls-knit-gloves-11.html#.T-nsc7U19kw and the review of the (KID)adorable Houndstooth (I told you I had a thing for houndstooth, didn't I?) and mermaid rain gear, right? If you missed that review, you should go see the pictures in it! Click here (open in new window)
Kidorable is worn by celebrities kid's such as Suri Cruise & Katie Holmes are huge fans!
I am too!
Plum District has a deal for 24 more hours for 15$ for 30$ worth of Kidorable. Plus if you use the coupon code SUMMER20 you save 20% and get it for 12.50! Awesome right? More than half off. I don't know if you can use it there, but at Kidorable'ss website look in the bottom left corner to se a button (link) to their "closeout" section ( YOU CAN ALSO CLICK HERE TO SEE IT! Kidorable-Outlet-Store ) where you will find majorly reduced items, even the expensive boots! I am pretty sure you wouldn't be able to use a coupon code with the plum disctrict deal when you purchase at Kidorable with your code, (that WOULD be your code!) But I just wanted to share this with you.
The Gift Certificate you are buying doesn't expire until DEC!

Theres another deal for Yes to Carrots that exactly like this, bear in mind you can only use the code Summer20 once, but you automatically get a 10% off added onto your next purchase, so just purchase them together or separately it doesn't really matter.
Here's the ink to the I just bought this deal on Plum District: "$15 for $35 Worth of Natural Skin and Hair Products from Yes To Carrots Click here for the Plum District 15$ for 35$ of Y2C deal
The yes to deal is for 15$ for a 35$ Gift certificate for their site, and you automatically get free shipping (no coupon code required) on that order, I have a 35% off   35 % off coupon code click here for Yes 2 (Carrots, Tomatoes, Blueberries etc) know what my fave product of theirs is? I love their wipes, they have wipes for baby (Baby Carrots) , wipes for moisture (carrots), wipes for aging (Blueberries), and wipes for acne (Tomatoes) 
plus lotions, shampoos, hand creams, conditioners, bubble bath, body wash, etc ect limp balm.. you know- that kinda stuff!

Have you read my review of Cute Booty Pants Christmas Peek-A-Booty?

DISCLAIMER - No one paid me,  I just thought this was a good deal!


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