Thursday, June 14, 2012

My Dad

I love my father so much. See, he is not my biological father, but being a Dad is so much more than that! It involves being there for your child, realizing your mistakes, and always being available. Even after your children are grown they still need guidance. I am very lucky to have him in my life- and I know he knows how much he means to me.

 I sent him a card recently.. a personalized card from MoonPig and a Sodastream maker. I know he will love his gifts.. I recommend you look into the Art of Shaving for your Father's Day gift, if you haven't gotten one picked there is still time!
 I know....I have been gone for THREE weeks, the  longest  Blogger break I have ever taken. 

But I was visiting my home-state (my Hubby is in the Navy so we had to move off) that being said- I do not get to see them often, and didn't want to be tied to a computer while I was there. I got to spend time with a few long lost friends, and my BFF Courteney! I visited a few other people and overall besides two instances, with two people I shouldve left alone LONG ago, I had an amazing time. I got to be there for 3 holidays in one!

My 2 year old dear daughter Devonny's birthday, my sister Amber's birthday and kinda sort-of Father's Day too. A little early, but still! 

In two weeks we will be celebrating Giana's 7th Birthday! Crazy! Anyway, I'm back now and in full force. I apologize to any who have missed us, but it's hard to be tied to the computer everyday, especially when you are spending quality family time!
I hope your husbands, friends, fathers, and Daddies have wonderful Father's Day and 'yall have a nice night!
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