Sunday, June 24, 2012

Bag It OFFICIAL TRAILER a must-see available on Netflix streaming

Where is away? There is no away.....

You need to watch this movie. 

Did you know we're the only country that is this bad with plastics and plastic bags? They have been outlawed in so many places, they even charge bag-fees, but not in our country! Nope, we are under the belief that recycling helps, and sometimes it does, but only certain things are recyclable, and not all recycling facilities even take all plastics some only take 1 or 2 of things that are  recyclable . Heck - if you watch this you'll see that a lot that we think is getting recycled is getting thrown away, or shipped off to another country.. sooo.. what to do then?
If you really want to help, stop buying things that come w plastic on them! For instance, why would an apple have plastic around it?
They come in nature with their own "bag".
If you watch this you'll be astounded to see how much of our "plastics" end up on our ocean.
They are cutting dead birds up & finding that what has killed them is plastic.
Yeah stupid birds I get it.. but they don't know the difference between plastic and fish! They dive to the water and eat it!
Sea turtles too.. endangered ones.
Did you know that the fish that we buy from the store for consumption? We are ingesting the plastic the fish have eaten and digested... The plastic even leaches into our bodies and causes cancers.
Do think about that next time YOU reach for a plastic bottled drink from the store. That's all I'm saying.
Yeah- a lot of plastic is unavoidable. Milk.. for instance is one.
Plastic can save lives when used in hospitals, but is it necessary to shop with them?
Do the right thing, start reducing your plastic use.
Really though...


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