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Win an 10x12 wrapped canvas from Photo Canvas Land!

I recently discovered a wonderful site over at . There are a lot of sites that will print your images on canvas but none quite like this I have seen so far! And so affordable too! Canvases can be expensive to purchase. They are much cheaper if they are not framed. (By framed I don't mean a glass and wood actual frame) I mean a wooden frame border that it comes stretched on. The term they use is Stretched. You can buy them without it, (Rolled) but who would? To have someone stretch it for you, as it would be very hard to do yourself- would be difficult and costly. Its easier to buy it stretched already. 

I have ordered before from artscow, their prices are competitive, the cheapest I could last year, but I must not have searched hard enough! I am not knocking artscow, and they have many great things besides canvases -by any means, but being totally honest (as I always am) with you, they ship SOOOO slow! It comes from another country when you order through artscow, and the quality was nowhere near as good as what Photo Canvas Land sent! 

I was so impressed, because it got here very quickly!  I do not want to include a personal picture of the canvas we got, because its a very personal private intimate image (not pornographic), its just something I feel doesn't need to be shared. 

The canvas they sent to me was One free 10x12 standard warp (0.75" thick).

Not as large as I would have preferred but its free to me, so
 who can complain too much? The frame on it was much 
thicker and sturdier than the artscow frame. 
The prices on Photo Canvas Land are extremely affordable and competitive. Flat fee shipping $8.95 for any orders! 


SizeRolled CanvasStandard Wrap
(0.75" Thick)
Gallery Wrap
(1.5" Thick)
For the prices above, that is just an example of their smallest. See more of PhotoCanvasLand's prices at THIS page!   A 16x24 average price is around 50$! (Depending on shape. There is Portrait (above) Square- my favorite! Heck, there is even panoramic!                                                                                                                                                                                      Wouldn't a canvas print of your child be prettier than a framed? I do not know if you guys know, but it is so expensive (even at WalMart) to have a professional photographer (Olan Mills, Picture Me! etc ect .. ) to print them on canvas. I am talking HUNDREDS of dollars. It seems like it would be more affordable to take the pictures yourself with a camera! A good camera would run a couple of hundred dollars, but think of it as an investment. I am still waiting and hoping my blog ever gets big enough to work with a camera company and get a really nice camera. All I have is a small point & shoot digital Samsung SL202, and not that I don't like it, but I don't love it, you know? It gets the job done. I would LOVE to have one of those big lens expensive cameras, but its not something that we can easily budget right now. Or ever-- unfortunately. My husband & I both drool over them. I would love to know in comments what the best one is, by the way, or a good brand/model. :) 

Back to the canvases, it all rolls together. I could take them myself and upload them and save so much money. The quality from an expensive camera would not be sacrificed, because the image would be as crisp as what I took myself.

  • Quick Facts! 
  • Artists' fine art coating provides additional museum level archival protection against color fading, moisture & abrasion.
  • Museum canvas quality by using EPSON technology
  • Quality frame with depth choices
    The canvas is wrapped on quality stretcher bars with depth choices of 0.75" & 1.5".

  • Heavyweight acid-free museum grade fine art canvas
  • Artists' fine art coating
  • Last for 75 years without fading


Now I get the chance to award my most loyal readers (2) a great prize. You would get a canvas exactly like mine. With a different image of course! By tweeting out the most giveaways, since my blog is so new, I get a lot of traffic from these tweets. SO to be fair, the tweets will be measured by the date of my first review (Feb) Since all my tweets are @ mentioned .. it will be who has mentioned me the most between now and my birthday, August 2nd. That means if you want to win, you should pay attention to my giveaways, and tweet as often as you can! I am doing this to be fair, I have no idea who is in the lead as we speak, but it will be tallied up by hand on paper. 

(Thanks Photo Canvas Land for the idea!)

Giveaway will run from now til August 2nd noon eastern. Two winners will receive a  free 10x12 standard warp (0.75" thick) of your photos on a canvas will pay the shipping fee so there is no cost to you.

To be entered officially, you will need to leave your @twitter name in a  comment on another post!  SO, head on over to this blog post, and comment your name so I know who to look for on the twitter mention page!
Leave your twitter display name by clicking here

~Good Luck!~

Thanks for being a reader of Locomotion of Expressions!

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*Disclaimer* This canvas was provided to me, free for review purposes from ! All opinions contained within this post are 100% mine and not influenced by monetary pay!

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