Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Do you Take Supplements like Elite Whey Protein or Jacked?

Do you Take Supplements like Elite Whey Protein or Jacked?
I am big on taking pills and shakes whenever I can. It's true! I frequent health food stores and seek out things like this. Aren't we all a little obsessed with being super healthy? I know I am! Maybe to the point of overdoing it sometimes. I am a caffeine junkie I like to get Jacked..which I realize directly conflicts my statement about being healthy..  I also love to take vitamins, and Elite whey protein shakes and such before (or after) a workout.  I have gotten super out of habit- of my regular workout routine lately. Actually to be honest, because of this blog's up & coming. I use my spare time to write now. But that is even more the reason for me to get back on track with the supplements. They are so easy for people like me who just do not have time to do anything else. No energy when the day is through. These types of things will give you that extra boost. At the very least they are good for you. Even if you take them and sit on your butt. My body takes vitamins as a nitro boost. It doesn't matter what brand or form I use, It's like I get switched on into Turbo mode... There are all sorts of different ones out there too! Which ones have you tried? Tell me! I wanna know your stories and which ones you did or didn't like. Could be any kind of pill or shake, or thing like that (Diet, vitamin, etc.)                               


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