Sunday, July 24, 2011

My Current Giveaways! JULY look at this!

Whats going on now..
17 active... 20 winners - will you be one?

If you are new to entering blog giveaways - please check out this post: It has all kinds of interesting, easy to understand tips!

Ending date - link - prize! Entries denoted with *** are Rafflecopter widgets! EASY means no like and follow... or limited entry methods makes for better odds against regular tweeters.

7/25 Frecklebox *** 1 winner 25$ Gift certificate! Frecklebox has amazing kids supply products that can be personalized.. huge selection awesome images you can choose form! Must see! arv 25$ ***

7/25    Top Trainers DVD set  (no link given intentionally, this is a secret reader informed only post.. find it to enter..(5 discs + extras - arv 90$!)

7/26   Tie Buddies One winner (winner choice fairy or race cars!) Gadget helps kids tie shoes!   arv 14$ (Happy Birthday Bethie!)

7/27   Boon Inc Flo + Odd Ducks (2 winners!) One will get Flo (arv 15$) a faucet cover/ bubble bath dispenser and water deflector, another winner will get a set of  four Waterless BPA-free Odd Ducks (arv 26$)

7/27   ScrapWalls Collage Art poster 30$ GC! EASY !  Scrapwalls takes photos from your computer and/or Facebook and lets you arrange them into a collage shape, which they print onto a huge poster and ship to you! You can use up to 300 photos! arv 30$

7/29   KIDStrong healthy hydration drink for active kids.  arv 30$ win a 12pk of asst flavors. Kidstrong is all natural electrolyte hydration drink.

7/30   Wild Soccer Bunch Kids Chapter book  Win a book from the internationally known best-selling series ! arv 15$

7/30   Peter Rabbit Organic snack pouches  1 winner will get a case of assorted flavors (12pk) arv 36$

7/31 Piggy Toes Press William & Kate (children's book) A Royal Fairytale (AUTOGRAPHED!)  ADORABLE (all I can say!) also has punch out finger puppets in the back of the book! arv 11$

7/31   Vedette Shapewear  arv avg 80$   Slimming corset/lingerie/shapewear  pick 1 of 4 that you would want to win! EASY!

7/31  Perfect Energy by New Chapter ***  Win a bottle of energy multivitamin supplement. arv 15$  ***

8/2   Photo Canvas Land (2 winners)  10x12 photo canvas using your images!  PLEASE place your name if you would like to be considered  (  THERE! ) even if you think you might not have done 2 tweets, the list is empty, so you would win!  arv 20$  (Happy Birthday to me!)

8/3   PowerCapes custom designed children's sidekick cape!  Design your very own Superhero PowerCape just like the stars buy for their kids! arv 40$

8/4   HairMax gift prize hair product set! Shampoo, Conditioner + Styling Products!   EASY! Feedburner Subscription reward!   - arv 39$

8/5  Oragenics Evora Plus Probiotics   36ct bottle of probiotic mints for fresher mouth arv 19$

8/6 Certain Dri, Stopain, and Anti-Monkey Butt (3 winners .. one per prize!) Certain Dri deodorant, Stopain menthol topical pain reliever, and Anti-Monkey Butt + Safari Towels (together) anti chafing and body wipes. (Pick which prize pack you want!) avg arv 7$

8/7  WunderTape  1 winner - An isnatnt buttlift from the makers of avg arv 9.99

8/8   Night Owl Paper Goods  Win a 10$ gift certificate for some unique goods with folksy images printed on them of owls and other animals. Eco-friendly Sustainable and printed on birch wood. Arv 10$

8/9    Seventh Generation Free & clear diapers  Win a pack of diapers for free, no shipping! Arv 16$

9/2  Win 6 months advertising on my blog's sidebar! High Value! *HV* arv 180$

Coming later this month (keep your eyes peeled!)

look for:

7/26 Night Owl Paper Goods Giveaway
7/27 Seventh Generation Diapers Giveaway
7/28 Baby Bedding Zone Giveaway
7/29 New England Coffee Try Me Iced review
7/30 Rock & Learn Money & Making Change Review

Later: (No date yet..)
Baby Gourmet
Rothschild Outerwear
Secret Bear World
Miche bags
Smart & Sexy
Tea's Tea 
EdenFantasys Review
Sutton Cupcake Liners (?)
Devo Olive Oil
Sunglass Warehouse (?)
Sew Cute 

***  (?) means:  I honestly DK what is going on with this one.. haven't had communications in a WHILE.. 
I really hate it when companies do that! I guess I'm puting them out there to warn other bloggers...

Even Later:

SlingShot T Shirts
Costume Discounters
Kathryn the Grape kids book


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