Monday, July 11, 2011

Frecklebox 25$ GC Rafflecopter Giveaway & Review - the best Eco Friendly personalized products! 7/25

Frecklebox makes personalized gifts for children (or adults!) I was tickled silly to have the oppurtunity to review some of their products for free on Locomotion of Expressions!
They sent me a personalized lunch box  (I let Giana pick it out!) We also got two Personalized school folders!

My two favorite were the 

Naughty and Nice Personalized School Folder

Punk Princess Personalized School Folder 

$4.95 each.

Another really cool thing about Frecklebox products are that you can get a whole collection of that particular image on stuff.  (For instance, see below image!)

I really like the lunchbox they sent out to GiGi. It is so cute! Giana picked it because she likes mermaids, but I assumed she would want one that looked more similar to her, but she said it was a magical Ariel lunchbox and the mermaid HAD to have red hair. ("What Mommy, you really think there are mermaids that do not have red hair? They all do, silly!") The lunchbox is precious and one of a kind. Metal lunch boxes are awesome because they are reminiscent of old times. I know in the 80's when I was little people used them a lot. Not so much today. All the lunch boxes are plastic insulated. Granted these are not, but with an icepack they suffice. The main drawback to a metal lunchbox is that it will scratch. But so would a plastic one for that matter.  The lunchbox has one special thing, unique only to it though. It has a writing space, that is like a mini-chalkboard that you can write little sweet notes to your child on! That is soo cute! Also what is neat about Frecklebox is not only can you have your childs name printed on their products, but you do not have to worry that your child's items will be confused (as so often happens) at school with another child's. I think that's super neat!
Another part your child would enjoy, as my own did- is picking out which one they want, and there are oh so many different options and products to choose from, for both genders!

I always have a hard time picking out things when a company lets me choose myself, and Giana is no different. I knew the lunchbox was the route we wanted to go though. But she liked a lot of them! I tried to steer her towards the Glam Princess LunchBox, but it didn't work!

What time is it? It's time for lunch!

But if you have a little boy in mind, they also have cute stuff for them too, I just happen to be a mommy of two little girls! Check this picture out of these adorable monsters! They are too precious! You can also get this image on a variety of things as well!

Ready for our pictures?

She really likes them, and can you blame her?

In addition to what they sent out to me, they also have :

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*Disclaimer* These products were sent to me free for review purposes from Frecklebox, the opinions contained within this post are 100%  mine and not influenced by monetary compensation.

Thanks for being a reader of Locomotion of Expressions!

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holly said...

This is too cute! I'm sure my daughter would love this stuff! =)

mariebouvier said...

I love the placemats! We have them for our kids, who have unusual names. It's wonderful for them to have something personalized!

Pink Sade said...

I love their personalized storybooks!
gagaslab at gmail dot com

FIT for a child said...

I love the chore charts! Especially the Early Bird one.

kayceewilliams at gmail dot ocm said...

I like the dinosaur and baseball lunch boxes

exotic1 said...

My favorite product is the Punk Princess Binder. Thanks4Sharing~!

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