Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Organic Eating For Less - Guest Post by Nicole Rodgers

                   Organic Eating For Less            

In today's difficult economy, everybody likes to save money on their groceries. There has been growing popularity in consuming organic foods, and at first glance, they may seem a bit expensive. However, not only are organic foods highly beneficial to one's health, but people can actually save money by switching to all-organic foods.

First of all, since organic foods have a higher nutrient content than traditional foods, people will save money simply by eating smaller meals. They will also save money by not eating quite so many snack foods or by binging. When people do not get enough nutrients they will often have cravings for snacks. However, since organic foods are high in nutrition, they will leave people feeling satisfied for a long time.

Another fantastic way people will save money by eating organic food is on healthcare. Since organic food is healthy food, there are less chances of people having some of the health problems commonly associated with traditional foods. People will also save money by not giving in to impulse buying at supermarkets. Specialty stores do not sell junk food. So people can shop without being faced with aisles of unhealthy foods.

A fun way to save a lot of money eating organic food is to grow one's own fruits and vegetables. Even if people only grow a few things such as tomatoes and bell peppers, it can help to save money at the grocery store. Some foods will produce all season, as well. A herb garden can be fun to grow too, and they require but a minimum of maintenance. People can even grow herbs inside on a windowsill in the winter.

For people, who would rather not grow their own fruits and vegetables, buying them from a local fruit and vegetable stand can save them a lot of money, as well. Since there are no large transportation costs associated with shipping fruits and vegetables to stores, the costs at these stands are often much cheaper than at stores. When people buy from these stands not only are they saving money, but they are also benefiting by getting fresh foods and they are helping their community by buying locally.

Finally, organic foods have all the nutrients that people need. They do not need to buy any pills, powders or other supplements for added nutrition. They also will not need vitamins, protein powders or weight loss formulas, as organic foods are not packed with empty calories as many traditional foods are. All of these benefits add up to a lot of saved money.

In conclusion, at first glance, many people may think that organic foods are too expensive for them to buy. However, due to the vast array of benefits that organic foods offer, people will actually save a lot of cash when they choose to eat organically.

Nicole Rodgers has been blogging for three years in various industries including health and fitness, finance, and travel.   One way she encourages people to “go green” is to stop junk mail from coming to your house from the post office by signing up for email only mail.  


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