Thursday, July 19, 2012

My Life connects anyone & everyone

MyLife is the best site you can go to do a Zip Code People Search ! Since I move often, as my husband is in the United States Navy, I do seem to lose touch with friends quite a bit. Luckily in today's informational internet widepsread technolgy and databases of people's information at the tip of your fingertips, it helps make it easier to find someone you might have lost touch with!!!

I have a ton of friends I even grew up in high school with.. that I can't seem to find on Facebook, mostly because their last names have changed so many times from being married and what not.
There are Navy Wives I even met pre-Facebook and social network era (just a few years ago) that I was searching for not too long ago.. unable to find on Facebook.

MyLife keeps it simple by offering many tools and options to find someone. Whether it be an old boyfriend, an old high school friend, a long lost family member, parent. Whatever your reason- Mylife is here to help you and scour the internet for you, as ony they can.

My life is free to search and affordable to buy membership for!
The searching by zipcode did help me, since I knew my old Navy Wife freind still lives near the old navy base! 
If you know the zip code they used to live in it can be easier to find them using MyLife dot com's Zip Code People Search!! You can also search using many other factors as well, like name, city, address, and a nmber of other interesting, handy & helpful ways too. I bet you are sure to find that special friend you used to know.

 My Life connects anyone & everyone. All in one place. I bet you could find just about anyone. There is free basic information and if you want more detailed information, you can sign up and buy a membership to thier site and get any information, any time, with no limits on how much or how often.

 I suggest you check out their site. Locomotion of Expressions recommends this site to you!
Tell them I sent you!

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