Monday, July 30, 2012

Credit is owed - I'm here to give it.

Here are the top referring L of E sites
of TODAY, this week, this month, and all time.

Lets start with TODAY! (Above!)

  1. Online-sweepstakes brought me 80 hits today! thanks!!!
  2. AirplanesAndDragonflies (blogspot) brought me 20! Thanks girl! Every little bit helps, and over the years, you have brought me consistent traffic! YOU TOTALLY ROCK!~
  3. The ever dependable  Tight Wad in Utah  brought me 19 today! That's awesome, I have always listed there, and her's remains a button that will not be removed from L of E! (I'm super picky & only put personal friends buttons up, so being there on my sidebar, should be considered the highest compliment I can give another blogger. The sites on my sidebar are awesome. Check 'em out!


Here (below) we have this weeks top referring sites/urls!

 This weeks stats:
  1. Online-Sweepstakes netted me 472 Hits this week.
  2. TightWadInUtah brought in 226 hits alone.
  3. YouLikeHits.comYouLikeHits brought me 121 hits! That's awesome! Brand New site I just started using, it's kinda like Twiends, only increases more than just twitter #'s ... it can be Pinterest. Myspace, LinkedIn, Youtube, Google+Plus, Pageviews, among others.
  4. Bing, forever the butt of my Search jokes, even gave me some hits.50 looks like. Aw! Now I feel bad. HA!

This MONTHS referring sites/urls (ABOVE)

As you can see YOULIKEHITS has brought me 309 page views this month,. Particularly troubling, is I just clicked the referring sites (cultek & aptratings) & they both have the same spam, so I am wondering how I even got linked in to them? I do not see anything on their page that would being people to me from there.. so I am very confused.
MY all time TOP referrers (above)
  1. Good old trusty Google, that hosts amazing Blogger/Blogspot. My friend :)
  2. CuckooForCouponDeals 916! In a  year and a half the top Mommy Blog referrer to L of E!~ TYVM!~
  3. Next, Tight Wad In Utah in close 2nd with 804
  4. and  TerrisLittleHaven has brought me 261 hits!
Terri's Little Haven and Jenn Too

Thanks to everyone who links in to L of E!~

My all time Pageviews! (above)

Garfield apparently is WAYYY more popular than the Kardashians. :)


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