Saturday, April 21, 2012

Neato Robotics

We recently bought this from Amazon, and I have to say, I love it. It has it's flaws, two of which are it is very loud, and it's "boundary markers" do not work well. What I mean is, sometimes it drives right over them. I have to use them around my couch. My couch is just the right height from the floor (unfortunately for me, anyway) that it gets stuck under my couch. Other than that, this thing has become my new best friend. I do not have to sweep near as often.... and on this tile, that is a BIG deal to me, because I strongly despise sweeping. it also does great on carpet, but I have to pick Giana's room up with a fine tooth comb, for little toys, curtains that drag the floor, etc. You never know when it is going under her bed...

It was very expensive, over 300 in fact, I'll let you go to Amazon to see just how much.
IMO  (in my opinion) worth every penny.
I didn't need the Mint, because as you can see, our tile has very deep grout. The Mint seems more for hardwood or linoleum. The Roomba was the other option, but reading some of it's Amazon reviews, in comparison with the Neatos (mostly anyway)_ glowing recommendations, I am glad in what we chose, and think it was right for us. It has had a few issues, brush getting stuck, and going over it's boundary markers, but you should see how much it gets up off my floor in ONE sweep through.

 This is not a paid review, sadly, I couldn't get them to respond to pitches/emails, but I did buy it, and so far, so good!
I'll let you know if I run into any problems!


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