Thursday, September 27, 2012

#TrySnapshot #giveaway 9/30 SEP - Progressive Snap shot evaluates Hard braking - my 30 day trial has passed

As some of my readers, and definitely my friends and family know- I joined the progressive Snapshot Blogger Challenge. Snapshot is a little device that plugs into your car. It tracks your vehicle usage via a voluntarily-installed device to give you the opportunity to save up to 30% on your Progressive insurance plan.
It beeps at you occasionally when you turn your car on, and when you hard brake. The important thing to know about the Progressive Snapshot device is once it's plugged in, do not touch it or disturb it. Do not unplug it until your 30 day "snapshot" is over. After using the device for at least 30 days, Progressive may give you a discount up to 30% based on your driving report, which you can access via your Progressive account online. Once your policy renews, your discount is finalized.

Hard Braking --
Hard-brake events are a leading indicator of potentially unsafe driving behavior. These events could be the near-miss of an accident, the result of dangerous or slippery roads, a driver getting cut off in traffic, or an accident itself—all things that a driver shouldn't do!
That's why Progressive wants to reward you for NOT doing this!
When you brake, you are turning gas into heat and brake dust. Since burning the least amount of gas is our game, the brake pedal is our enemy. Braking indicates that you have accelerated more than you really needed to.

What does the data mean for my insurance?
Time of day: The reason Progressive tracks what time of day you is simple: if you drive during peak hours for accidents, such as between midnight and 4 a.m., the likelihood you’ll get in an accident is much higher than if you drive during off-peak hours. If the majority of your driving is during less accident-prone hours, you may see a larger discount.
Miles driven: Many insurance companies ask drivers to supply this data, meaning that drivers track their own mileage and report that amount. Because Progressive tracks mileage digitally through the Snapshot device, the chance of an accident can be better predicted. The general idea is that the more miles you drive, the more likely you’ll get into an accident.
Hard brakes: A hard brake is when the car’s speed decreases at a rate greater than 7 mph per second. More hard brakes per day may indicate less cautious driving. Progressive will give higher discounts to drivers with fewer hard brakes.

You know, I started to accept this a challenge to see what would happen if I drove like a teenager, and I pondered over hard braking constantly, just driving around the neighborhood to see if I could get a "bad rate" but if you watch the video, Progressive claims your rate will NOT go up. Plus, you don't even have to have Progressive to try it out. You don't have to switch your insurance to see what your quote would be, or because you plug the device in. but you are supposed to mail it back after the 30 day period is passed, so don't throw away the box it comes in!
I didn't have to try to make it beep at me, because apparently I hard brake a lot. I do like that this device has made me aware of the fact that I do this, so hopefully I can be more aware and correct the problem.
I would save 5% was my total savings prediction.
If you want to win the swag pictured below, just leave a comment saying "I want to win!"
TWO entries per person and the giveaway will end on 9/30 at NOON eastern!
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1 winner will win some Team Flo swag ( I got it, and I like it, it's super cute!!) Your SECOND (& final comment/entry) is to share a fun travel experience!
ENDS 9/30 at NOON eastern, since it SEP (short entry period) the normal 48 hours rule is lifted and you'll have 1 hour to claim your prize before I move on to another winner, SO -- be sure to stand by your email on the 30th at NOON to be sure you were the winner!!!
The swag includes, Flo temp tattoos, breathmints, a pen and notebook9s) the apron (NO, not the headband, lol) the famous pin she wears in the commercials and the name tag. My husband said I could be Flo for Halloween, now all I need is a headband. :)
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Melissa P said...

Ooooh I love Flo.I want the swag!

Mnemosyne said...

I want to win!

mnemosynescall@gmail dot com

Mnemosyne said...

I got to do an 8-hour car trip with a cat I'd just met - that was fun. She was not used to travelling and was nervous but by the time we got there we were best buddies :)

mnemosynescall@gmail dot com

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