Monday, September 17, 2012

Coffee Question for my coffee lover readers

Many of you (like me) love to blog, and also love coffee. If your like me, you take it with creamer, and as a CoffeeMate Brew Crew member, I wanted to share a coupon with you. So I thought they’d help spark your creative juices by providing some comment inspiration!  

While they are providing a coupon thank you for participating, the purpose of the Referral Page is for me to give others the chance to share their opinions based on an experience they’ve had with COFFEE-MATE. This is NOT a coupon site.

(Brew Crew Referral Page.) 

You’ll answer a few questions about you, ME, the Brew Crew, and COFFEE-MATE before being rewarded with a COFFEE-MATE coupon as our way of saying thanks!

Please comment and let me know if you signed up. I am not being paid for referrals, or compensated in any way, by the way..

Please interact with me coffee lovers!

  1. My favorite COFFEE-MATE flavor
  2. My best COFFEE-MATE creation
  3. How do you drink your coffee?  (Black, Reg, Decaf, extra  sweet... etc)
In answer to the above questions:

  1. I love the Coffee Mate CAFE variety: Cafe Mocha  ((It is SOOOO creamy and sweet!))
  2. I like to mix the gingerbread seasonal flavor with my Torani Pumpkin Sauce! It's sooo good!! Whip cream if you have it, even better, use a Pumpkin or Gingerbread flavored coffee for a more intense taste sensation!
  3. Reg. syrups, sugar cubes, or Splenda, I'm not picky! I just like it extra sweet, and extra creamy! I probably use way more creamer than I should!!!

Thanks for commenting! As a member of the Brew Crew, I love sharing my opinions and ideas with COFFEE-MATE! I'd like to give you the chance to do the same, by following this link ( And to say thank you for sharing, you'll receive a coupon!
Please also see this Facebook discussion and participate ... I love to pick your brains!!! 

PS, you don't have to be a blogger to be a Brew Crew Member, as a member of the Brew Crew, you earn points for taste samplings, reviews, quizzes, and other fun activities. 

In addition, I have received a cute tote bag PLUS numerous free product coupon just for being a member!!! See the bag they sent last year! It' the best shopping bag I own and my favorite It has like 10 pockets and it super DUrABle and thick!!!

You get points for activities which can be used for a variety of kick-butt rewards from their rewards store. I use mine for Amazon, what will you use yours for?


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