Monday, May 7, 2012

Think Outside The Drawer and Get Hooked On The Bra tree! giveaway!~ USA 5/30

This pretty little hanger you see above with racy red satin and black lace and all those hooks is called a Bratree! It is an innovative space saving hanger to free up your drawers and protect your bras all at the same time! What I also liked about the Bra Tree is the hooks are great!  The hook comes around about three quarters of the way.  Making it a nice secure hold for the bras.  It comes with two hangers with 6 hooks on each.  Making enough room for 12 bras. More if you hang two per hook.  I think that is a good number for a bra organizer considering I hoard clothes. Or so the Hubby says.... moving on! 

Bratree has even been featured in the media !

This says silver, but it looks white, and white stuff scares me.
It also comes in BLACK (Cute!~)

And pink! Wish it came in neon colors, or purple or hot pink!

Order now  for 24.95 That's 5$ off!  

The Bra Tree can be used for so much more than bras.  Just use your imagination - scarves, belts, panties, jewelry......

Personally I will be using this beautiful satin and lace Bra Tree for my bikinis, monokinis, one peices, and swimsuits!!!  The Bra Tree comes in red like I reviewed as well as black, silver and a pale pink.  It retails for $29.95 which I think is a very fair price.

See, I keep my Bras, and Swimsuits in the same drawer because space and storeage is lackluster in this house. I have a lot of clothes, and a lot of swimsuits. This is why my drawer usually looks like this picture below.

*sad face* Thats the reason why I decided to use it for my swimsuits, rather than my bras.. so now it is a swimsuit tree!

 It's the most simple gadget I've seen, virtually a hanger with hooks, perfect for your bras, swimsuits, belts, or even jewelry.  

Introducing the sleek and sexy Bra Tree. All bra trees’ are made durable, lightweight and have a beautiful metallic finish. They come padded and then covered with silky satin. All Bra Trees are beautifully decorated with black sexy lace, a perfect touch for our feminine side.

Each hanger has a swivel hook on top to hang in any direction and has 12 smooth hooks for storage. They are standard in width for an easy fit in your closet and will be wonderful addition to your wardrobe.

I love it so much, that I definitely need to order one for my laundry room, to hang my bras to dry, instead of laying them on the top of the dryer, or on my kitchen table. (Imagine that clean up when guests pop in unexpectedly!)

Easy to Use
Eliminate Bra Damage
Save Space
Saves Time
Easy Access
Protects Your Investment

I always liked the way Victorias Secret, (where almost all of my bras comes from) stacks their bras to keep them from getting "wrinkled cups" so I decided to try that out, because my friend Malinda said she does hers that way..

My youngest daughter: Devonny was fascinated by this. Like most young baby girl (possibly boys, I don't have boys) she thinks boobs are quite hilarious. Even though they gave her life for 4 months  (had to throw that in there) and she likes to put them up to her and proclaim loudly "BooBies!"  Haha!

Enough of that- ready to see the Bratree turned into a personal Casey Swimsuit Tree? I freed up a LOT of space, huh?

So how many swimsuits in total did I get on it?   16!

Their picture on the right, my Bratree is seen on the left! Of course I had to have red. I honestly wish she had sent two, I could use way more than one of these! 

Picture by Jessie Carvalho   
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