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“American Dad” Volume 7 out on DVD now! Seth MacFarlane stole my heart with this show.

Dear Television Critics,

Klaus here to remind you that I am still suffering the aftermath of an American inferiority complex that has left me perpetually entrapped in this hideous amphibious body with this absurd family… But that’s neither here nor there. I’m penning this letter to tell you about something, something important:

Although I may have my qualms with the alien, this collection of episodes is truly a pleasure. For starters you will get to admire my sharp wit and swoon over my sexy accent as often as you would like. But perhaps most importantly, “American Dad” Volume Seven brings the most beautiful woman of Langley Falls into your living room, Francine. Oh, Francine.

Anyways, you must take a look at the “American Dad” Volume Seven DVD, because like me, the best things lie under the surface. Of course Volume 7 includes fantastic episodes, loads of extra features and bonus content. 

Well my equally cynical friends, I think I have said enough.

auf Wiedersehen for now

List of episodes:(2010-2011 season)

"100 A.D." 4.5/5
"Son of Stan" 3.5/5
"Best Little Horror House in Langley Falls" 4/5
"Stan's Food Restaurant" 4.5/5
"White Rice" 4/5
"There Will Be Bad Blood" 3.5/5
"The People vs. Martin Sugar" 5/5
"For Whom the Sleigh Bell Tolls" 5/5
"Fart-Break Hotel" 3/5
"Stanny Boy and Frantastic" 4.5/5

"A Piñata Named Desire" 3.5/5
"You Debt Your Life" 3/5
"I Am the Walrus" 3.5/5
"School Lies" 4/5
"License to Till" 4.5/5
"Jenny Fromdabloc" 3/5
"Home Wrecker" 4/5
"Flirting with Disaster" 4/5 (Hilarious spoof of "The Office" in the opening scences)
"Gorillas in the Mist" 3.5/5

OK, I'll admit it. I am a TV junkie. The raunchier the better. While Family Guy is unquestionably one of the dirtiest cartoon to hit public TV..I mean, am I the only one who remembers the days when The Simpsons was first out on TV and it was deemed inappropriate because it was a cartoon and the dad (Homer) drank beer and Bart was a troublemaker? Those days are long past, move over Simpsons; because apparently western civilization can't get enough of dirty cartoons. While Family Guy is the dirtiest I think it pushes the envelope too much as far as religion goes. I am not a religious extremist by any means. But hearing the things that that show says as far as religion and sex is concerned can just make a preacher cringe and flush in anger, and a whore blush I am sure. And while this isn't a review of Family Guy, I do want to say that.

While I enjoy King of the Hill, and thought it would never be topped by any cartoon, I was wrong. I love American Dad so much, that I have to watch it at night on Adult Swim, even though here, it is on at some 1 in the morning and I have to be up to be the "bus-driver" (not literally, but yes I have to transport a little one to school). 

I dismissed American Dad at first- as being too much like Family Guy and like its predecessor too dirty but it has definitely grown on me. Both come from the mind of creator Seth MacFarlane. To surpass King of the Hill? I have seen EVERY episode of King of the Hill and that has been my late night friend/companion throughout my insomniac sleepless nights for some 8 years now. 

American Dad, in case you have missed this golden nugget: follows the Smith family, led by CIA agent Stan and his level-headed wife, Francine. Sharing their house are two teenagers, a talking goldfish and an effeminate, housebound alien.

Whereas Family Guy’s punch lines reference pop culture, American Dad has a decidedly political slant.

Turning off my satellite/cable scares me actually- because I know how much I will miss watching American Dad at night. That is why I was so glad when FOX agreed to send me the Season 7 three disc set of American Dad. I love this family. Haley, Klaus, Roger and Steve are so perfectly imperfect and likable that is is ridiculous. The episodes always make me smile and almost always make me laugh out loud. Of course, all that praise be it for naught, (it should go without saying) that I adored watching this set and was tickled pink to get it. THANK  YOU  FOX! 

My favorite episode on the disc is "Homewrecker". 
Equally good is the 100th episode where Haley elopes with Jeff . Jeff is a some-what newer stoner character who cracks me the hell up.
AMERICAN DAD: Stan and Francine fight over how to redecorate the house in the "Home Wrecker" episode of AMERICAN DAD.

There is a review on Amazon that I whole-heartedly agree with by a reviewer called: The Man With No Name

He says, and I quote: 

"Anyway, American Dad was a show that for years I ignored. I never gave it the time of day, after all I had Family Guy. Well, Family Guy for me has started to wane in years past and I decided one night to give American Dad a try. My brother and I laughed ourselves almost to the point of hiccupping. This show is histerical. (He meant to say Hysterical) Also this is NOT Family Guy Jr. This show follows it's own formula and style. I.E. no cut scenes like Family Guy."
end quote.

I whole heartedly agree with that statement, except the mispelling of Hysterical, but I am sure there are many typos among this blog, so I'll let it slide. But just this once. :)
His opinion 100% reflects the way I feel about American Dad. I mentioned to a few friends that I had gotten it and it seems to still be quite the undiscovered gem. Everyone seems to think it is a Family Guy Wanna Be. It isn't. Please don't diss on this show like that. It is a million times better than Family Guy ever dreamed of being. 

Even though I had seen most all of the episodes on Adult Swimalready, I could watch them every night. And I do.

If reading this review makes you want to watch it it and see what all the fuss is about, don't fret! You can buy the same set I received on  $25.91 & this item ships for FREE with Super Saver Shipping

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Renee Sexton said...

I want this :) LoL, I Looove Family Guy and American Dad! :) I made an alter-ego "Klaus Van Voggenstein" and modeled it after him!! (The Klous Mustache picture is in my profile on FB)

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