Wednesday, May 9, 2012

If I were to..

Enter these photos in a contest, which one would I pick?
I want help deciding which one you'd like to see entered/would vote for?
Would you vote for Giana? She's such a photogenic beautiful child, but maybe I am just biased bc she is mine..



Mindy said...

The water fountain one! I really love the angle of it. :)

becca carroll said...

I like #1 #5 & the last one! she just has such a natural beauty!!!

sandiesfriend1 said...

Speaking from what I THINK a photographer would look for in a photo as far as quality, use of light and shadow (and that is a BIGGIE), I would choose the sixth one where she is squatting by a drainpipe. Plus the clarity on it is much better than any of the others. As a second choice, the one with the hats, I think it is the eighth one. Good luck!!!

DreamWeaver said...

I really like number 6... The second choice would be 4. Beautiful girl :)

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