Thursday, November 15, 2012

#Review Palmolive Fresh Infusions!

  LOVE Palmolive® Fresh Infusions™! And how could you not? Let's recap what makes this product so phenomenal...

-Comes in three heavenly scents
-Fabulous enough to display on your counter
-Easy to find at Walmart & Target

Here's what I thought of the scents sent.. a homophone.. Gigi just learned about those in school... means a word that is spelled different/(or spelled the same too!), sounds the same, and can be more than one thing.. like- Train and Train.
Train: Like- you travel on one, and train like studying.

Sorry- but I just had to include that for Gigi, because it's her new favorite thing to point out things that do that (Scent & Sent!~)

Moving on...
From Left to Right: Lemon Thyme, Lime Basil & Ginger White Tea

My favorite scent they SENT was the Lime Basil, it was unique and smelled FAB!

The Ginger White Tea was a good idea in theory but it doesn't smell too different or fragrant than other soap(s) I have used.

The Lemon Thyme is "aight" --if you know what I mean. I gave it to my best friend who lives down the road; Beth (she also has a blog: My Crazy Life.. click her name to go see it!)

SO for now.. the only SCENT they sent that impressed me was curious bright green Lime Basil.

I would definitely buy it.

Moving on to bottle size.. they are probably kept on the smallish side to keep that "cute whilst sitting on kitchen sink" look/feel.. and they totally won with that!

BUT I do wish they came in a bigger size..
The price is comparable with other dish soaps and it did clean my dishes extremely well.

All that being said *drumroll please* I love the idea of it, but think it has a little bit of room for improvement.
I give it 4 out of 5 stars.
Pick it up next time your in the store (if you see it!) and give them a sniff and see if you agree with me!

The winning scent! (IMHO)
Next MUST TRY on Palmolives dish cleanup lineup: ULTRA Palmolive Baby. And from chcking out their website, I found a neat little tidbit I do want to share with you! They have their Ingredients Listed AND not only that BUT it tells what each ingredient in it does. That's cool, and I never knew til today! Learn something new everyday!

Special thanks to Influenster for sending me these! I loved all the coupons I got too!

Disclaimer - I received this product complimentary through Influenster. I was not paid for my opinions, and my opinions are my own.


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