Thursday, November 8, 2012

#HolidayGiftGuide: BFF, Hubby, Wife, whoever you are you buying for.. find something sexy at Edenfantasys!!!

Don't know what to get the significant other in your life? Allow me to make some recommendations for your Best friend, your Wife/Girlfriend, or even your Husband!!

Sexy Christmas gifts from EdenFantasys - the sex toys shop you can trust!
Now is a great time to check out EdenFantasys again, because they have plenty of products that make great stocking stuffers (if not outright presents)

  • Holiday gift ideas from the site
I found three that anyone would love to own, and I'll share their names and images with you now!

 If your wife/girlfriend is anything at all like me, I just know she'll LOVE this.
The first is one that I recently bought from there.. and I adore it. It's way too pretty to use, but I like the novelty of it, and I plan to keep it new in box.. it's a HELLO KITTY vibrator! Check out the image I posted to twitter of it today!
(It comes in pink, purple, black, & red) it is $23.99 on the site! It is currently Out of Stock, but you can set up a notification to be alerted when it comes back in stock, which is one of the most beautiful parts about ordering from EdenFantasys.

 Next up! The Hubby
Now don't tell HIM I told you this, but my husband adores the Fleshlights. At first, he was 100% against it, but once I ordered it (despite his protestations) and actually got him to try it, he came around (good pun, huh?) and admitted that it is fan-freaking(OOHH! Score two for me w/ another good pun)tastic!

Now, you should first know that there are all sorts of Fleshlights to choose from, so choose accordingly!
 I do want to point out the Fleshlight FREAKS, (think Alien, Drac, Zombie, Cyborg and Frakenstein) because I think they are too cool for school.. 
But there are also incognito fleshlights that look like Beer, and are more discreet, if you have young prying meddlesome Scooby-doo-Gang-kids like my own.

Moving back to the FREAKS of the Fleshlights, while it does sound weird, they are extremely pretty as far as Fleshlights go. 
But then again, of course; I love the novelty of them. They are usually sold-out and hard to find, so I'd buy them soon, in case they stop making them, as I'm sure they will be a limited type of thing. 
The best part about this particular toy is: there are matching toys for the ladies, so you can buy your husband one for him to use on himself and a matching one for him to use on you! A gift for him, that's also for you!!!

Drac Fleshlight
My favorite FREAK set was definitely the Fleshlight Drac. My only issue and why I do not yet own one, is each one sells for $74.95., While this is a good deal as far as Fleshlights go.. it seems a little steep. But you get what you pay for, and these toys are quality. Like I said, expensive, IMO BUT for a Christmas gift, not too shabby of a price, surely. (Just be sure NOT to open it in front of the kiddies!)

Drac Dildo
If the ladies reading this are intrigued, you can also find a jellyfish and a tentacle, but they are made by a different company, relevant because they are "monster-ish". If this has floored you- don't worry, it did me too. So strange, yes, but titillating too.

Moving on: you obviously can't buy your best friend sex toys.. OK, you CAN but most wouldn't.. I mean, besides me, but I'm weird.. and everyone knows to expect embarrassing gifts from me, but probably not from you. I like to keep my close ones on their toes though.

So yes, you can buy your Best Friend any number of things from Edenfantasys, but I think any girl would love this: CAKE: Milk made smoothing white sugar scrub for $31.99

Whether or not you found the gift idea you were looking for contained within this particular blog post or not, I don't know. But I feature all kinds of great Edenfantasys products I find here once a month, so browse through my past EdenFantasys reviews here for even more sexy gift ideas!!

Disclaimer: I will receive a free gift card in exchange for this post. I was not compensated in any other way. All opinions are 100% my own.


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