Thursday, November 15, 2012

Check out Tried & Truth for transparent parent reviews

Hi! I recently learned about Tried & Truth, the baby product research and registry tool that helps new parents find recommendations from like-minded experienced parents to purchase the baby products that are right for their lifestyle. 

On Tried & Truth, reviewers are transparent, so when you read a helpful review, you can click through to see what that reviewer is all about.  Bloggers can post their blog's URL there, so that new parents who feel a connection with you can click straight to your blog.

Parents-to-Be and Brand New Parents!  How would you like advice from like-minded experienced parents to help you navigate the dizzying maze of baby product choices?

Yo Experienced Parents!   You've weathered the storm!  How about helping new parents benefit from the amazing products you love and avoid the worthless duds?

Tried And Truth is the place where parents-to-be and new parents come together.  We collect insightful, colorful and concise product reviews from experienced parents who are identified by lifestyle.  When parents-to-be come our way, we point them toward the experienced parents who are most like them.  We help cut through the clutter, make it efficient and shed light on products that make the most sense for each new parent.

We thank our select group of reviewers with great gifts and we hope that many of the parents-to-be who graduate into experienced parenthood (note:  everyone does!) will apply to be reviewers to complete the circle and pay it forward. 

I encourage you to try it out now!

I love that they have seven categories ranging from the obvious baby gear to feeding, health & safety to clothing. Its great, and the transparency for rating and how many reviewers tried it is awesome. Once moms read reviews on products they decide they want, they can create a gift registry of reviewed items to share with their loved ones via Facebook or email.

And great news: Tried & Truth  works for you, because using this service whenever you have to buy something for your family to get real, transparent reviews. It’s a little like Angie’s List for kid’s products and gear! 

Screenshot of the homepage of the site!
I like the feature, Identify your shopper type.

Here’s their Facebook and Twitter links.
 They could come in handy for Holiday Shopping here soon!~

I was not compensated in any way for this post, there are no affiliate/referral links, or was I given anything for free. Just thought you'd find it interesting as I did.


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