Monday, November 19, 2012

#holidayGiftGuide #christmasCraft idea to do w your kids...

Here is a super simple craft you probably have supplies on hand to do with your child tonight!!!

This seriously took under 15 minutes, and is super cute! Please forgive the low quality pictures, I took them with my cell phone.

Since local schools are out for Thanksgiving, Giana has been quite bored-- and wanting to contribute to the Christmas present pile that I call a closet!

I saw this neat craft in Family Fun magazine. They use plain old construction paper, which would be a little tricky-- since it is smaller than the hanger, so you'd have to use a few pieces, but that's OK too!

All you need is:
  • A clotheshanger
  • A pencil/pen (to trace the shape of the hanger to know where to cut)
  • Some scissors.
  • Either: Scrapbook paper, which is just right in size-- or construction paper...
  • Glue: I use Mod Podge, but I'm sure Elmers would work, also.
  • A few pictures of your children you don't mind sacrificing.
  • (Optional) I used an old Bath & Body Works ribbon I had handy.

Now you can cut out any shapes and patterns and colors your child wants to make theirs unique to them. I happened to have a "3D" flower that fell off a birthday gift bag, and decided it would look pretty cool glued on. It did!
I let her cut out red hearts, and she picked the watermelon paper out of our Scrapbook pad.
So after you cut the shape of the hanger. You want it a little bigger than the hanger, but only like a 1/3 of an inch..
Put the glue ON the hanger and set the paper on it, folding the excess (with glue on it) to "wrap" the hanger..
Once dry, do the other side.
Cut your pictures and glue them on.
Tie a ribbon!
Easy as pie.  Actually, easier than a pie. Pies are hard, you know!!!
Easy Peezy Lemon Squeezy!~
I plan on going back over ours with more coats of glossy Mod Podge.
Giana was tickled with the outcome, and I think it's pretty cute too!

This is a PERFECT gift for Grandma or Grandpa.  Neat part, is  everytime they pull their favorite jacket/item of clothing off a hanger, they'll be greeted by their favorite grand-kids smiling face!~
Please feel free to share pictures of your finish craft on my Facebook Wall!
Ty for reading Locomotion of Expressions!~ 


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