Wednesday, March 28, 2012

#nsnation Introducing the Nutrisystem Fab 40 Weight Loss Challenge

Nutrisystem is also celebrating a huge birthday! Yes, 40 years ago, Nutrisystem started helping people just like you lose weight by creating simple, effective weight loss programs to help you live your best possible life.

We’ve come a long way in those 40 years, and so have you—and that’s why we’re celebrating the biggest bash of all: the Nutrisystem Fab 40 Weight Loss Challenge. We’re offering you the opportunity to win part of a gigantic $40,000 cash prize by sharing all of your amazing success with us. It’s a Nutrisystem party, and you’re all invited!

40 Years, $40,000 in Prizes, 4 Categories

The Nutrisystem Fab 40 Weight Loss Challenge is all about showing us what Nutrisystem has done for you. And to reward you for your success, we’re offering eight Grand Prizes of $5,000 each to eight different winners who can show us how Nutrisystem changed their lives. 

And just like most of our contests and giveaways, there’s more to this contest than just the appeal of some cool cash. Whether you win one of our Grand Prizes or not, you’ll be eligible to come to a Nutrisystem photo shoot, or even have your story used in national Nutrisystem television and print ads. So as you can see, this is one anniversary celebration you can’t afford to miss!

Here are the weight categories. We’ll be choosing two winners—a man and a woman—from each of these four categories:

Category 1: 0-33 lbs. lost
Category 2: 34-66 lbs. lost
Category 3: 67-99 lbs. lost
Category 4: 100+ lbs. lost

Fab 40 Requirements

How do you join the celebration? That’s simple—just send us some good before and after pictures of your weight loss transformation. The dress code is pretty casual, too—just wear your regular clothes, while remembering not to hide behind anything too big or baggy. Dress appropriately so that we can see your success—we want to make sure we’re rewarding the best party people!

As part of your RSVP, we’d also like you to include a short essay (between 50 and 1000 words) telling us all about yourself, and how Nutrisystem has changed your life and your weight. We love your photos, but it’s often your stories that really leave an impact on our judges. After all, your success speaks to our own success, and we love hearing how Nutrisystem has helped change your life. Remember, your inspiring and emotional stories can end up making you the life of the party!

Once you’ve got everything you need, click here to enter. Contest entries must be received by Wednesday, May 23rd, 2012 at 11:59 PM, ET, so don’t delay! 

Choosing the Winners

The Nutrisystem Fab 40 Weight Loss Challenge winners will be selected by a Nutrisystem panel of judges, who will rate your entries based on the following:

• Extent of weight loss on a Nutrisystem® program
• Level of transformation illustrated in photos
• Quality of before and after photos
• Viability of candidate for advertising and marketing purposes
• How inspirational the weight loss story is

Our eight winners will be announced in the newsletter and on the Nutrisystem website on or about Friday, June 29th, 2012. 

The Nutrisystem Fab 40 Weight Loss Challenge is our way of saying thanks for all of the amazing years our customers have given us. Yes, we may be the ones celebrating this anniversary, but it’s because of the success of people just like you that we’ve been around this long. 

Don’t forget to enter and party hardy—whether you take home one of our Grand Prizes or not, this is your chance to celebrate something big!



Shannon's Tales of Motherhood said...

I was just reading about the promotion Nutrisystem has going on and reading about the program on their website because I'm really thinking about joining. My sister just started last week and I read a few of your posts about it a few weeks ago,so I came to re-read the posts you blogged about it and when I clicked on your page I see the 1st post is about Nutrisystem!! I think I should go ahead and join, it does cost alot even with the promotion but I think it will be worth it!

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