Saturday, March 10, 2012


March madness hits Nickelodeon this weekend with premieres of the hit live-action series FRED: THE SHOWVictorious and How to Rock!

Funnyman Fred kicked off the weekend with brand-new episodes of FRED: THE SHOW on Friday, March 2, at 8:00 p.m. (ET/PT).  In the first half of the premiere, “Driver’s Fred,” a bank robber jumps into Fred’s car as he’s waiting for his driving instructor and orders him to “drive!”  Mistaking the bank robber for the teacher, Fred takes to the road for the first time.  Eventually, Fred realizes his mistake and takes down the thief in true Fred fashion.  In the second half of the premiere, “Lemon Fred,”  Fred opens a profitable lemonade stand called Lemon Fred and decides to hire an employee (Dillon Lane, Bucket & Skinner’s Epic Adventures).  However, Fred becomes concerned that his new hire isn’t complying to the strict rules outlined in the employee manual and goes undercover to spy on him. 

Laughs and hijinks continued on Saturday, March 3, with a brand-new episode of the hit series Victorious “Tori & Jade’s Play Date”.  It’s no secret that Tori and Jade have never gotten along, but when they are forced to play a married couple in Sikowitz’ new production, their acting abilities and uneasy friendship are put to the test. After being forced to spend time together, the two realize they have more in common than they thought. 

“Tori & Jade’s Play Date” features a music performance by Victorious stars Victoria Justice and Elizabeth Gillies of the brand-new song “Take a Hint.”  The track is available for purchase on iTunes beginning Saturday, March 3. 

Then, Cymphonique and Big Time Rush rock out on a brand-new episode of the hit series How to Rock “How to Rock an Election”.  Kacey is running for class president and promises a performance by Big Time Rush if she wins. After a string of crazy events, Kevin joins the race for school domination and Kacey has a tough decision to make. Is her friendship with Kevin more important than winning the election?  

“How to Rock an Election” features a musical performance by Big Time Rush of their hit single “Music Sounds Better With U” off their latest album Elevate, in-stores now!

 Keep an eye out, they're sure to show them again. Plus, you can always order the DVD whenever it comes out! Look for it on Teen Nick!


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