Friday, March 30, 2012

For Easter this year, save a chocolate tree...

Simply Chocolate
  • Use machete to harvest chocolate pod from tree
  • Hold in one hand and split with blade
  • Scoop out beans (remove sweet pulp by eating)
  • Spread cacao beans on banana leaves and cover
  • Turn over every day to aid fermentation
  • Uncover then leave to dry in sun
  • Sell prepared beans to chocolate manufacturers
Cacao beans- how this gift helps
These simple steps provide a sustainable living for rainforest communities. Don't let these ingredients be destroyed by logging. 

For just $2 Save a Chocolate Tree

Simply Chocolate- rainforest communities making a living How This Gift Helps
· Build a Chocolate Shop It sounds like every child's deam but this shop would be a place where rainforest communities could receive a fair price for their cacao beans. It will help get some of the world's best quality chocolate ingredient to a wider market. Read More    

· Ripe chocolate The villages of Cutivireni, and Tinkereni in the Ashaninka region of Peru need funds to build store huts where they can ferment the cacao beans where they won't be ruined by rain or rats. This process brings out the chocolate flavour in the beans.
A Community Chocolate Shop is the next step · Baked chocolate Drying the cacao beans in the sun improves their quality and helps achieve a better price. Drying platforms would help protect the beans from rain and the damp ground.

· Bagged chocolate Storing cacao beans in acrylic bags, creates sweaty conditions and incubates mould spores. Jute bags are breathable and perfect for transporting goods.

Help make this happen.Save Cacao trees for Easter

Thank you for your support
Best wishes
Matthew Owen


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