Thursday, October 6, 2011

Tiny Prints

Another Tiny Prints review for me? Yes please!
Tiny prints is a site that sells cards and paper goods for all occasions. I am announcing to you tonight that the 2011 Holiday Card  line has already launched!
I have ordered from them before with my last review for them about going back to school!
You have to be careful with Tiny Prints, because I figured out where they get their name from. I pay no attention to sizes when I order, so I ordered these SUPER CUTE Hello Kitty Halloween cards, for Giana to share with her schoolmates this year! I got them and they are super tiny. Like credit card sized. They are still cute and we love them... but lesson learned here? Read the sizes before you order.
So apparently the name Tiny Prints definitely rings true for some of their cards!
Their cards are high quality- beautifully finished and shipped rather quickly. If you are wanting unique and affordable Holiday Cards this year.. then look no further!

As compensation for this post I get to pick 50 of my own free Tiny Prints cards to give to our friends and family this Christmas!
Thanks Tiny Prints!
Here are the cards we did NOT pick.. but came mighty close to + links for them.
Popup holiday cards - Secret Parcel

Ornament cards - Merry Love

Dora the Explorer - Wrapping Party

Aren't they cute? I like how you can color on the Dora Card (directly above). I ultimately decided to not buy those, because Giana has "outgrown" baby shows like that (*Ahem* she says anyway..) this year. Not only that- but not everyone we send to has a child to color it.

I started to get the ornaments (middle), but I will be so busy with the kids by myself and the presents and all that other stuff this year that the thought of tying 50 ribbons on those cards in addition to signing them. Well - it seems a little overwhelming. Ok, I might be a tad bit lazy I get it- but having the kids husband-less for the holidays is a task/chore enough!

The pop-up card (top) is adorable. However- I do not have a recent Christmas picture of them currently to put on it,  and I really just do not want to wait to order them or even really need a photo card this year!

So without further ado- the card we chose is:
The North Pole
It's super festive and we really like it!
Which card do you like best? Check out all their new  Holiday Card 's like the ones I just chose from!
@tinyprints on Twitter
*Disclaimer* I am receiving free product for this review, however the opinions I state in this post are accurate and my own and 100% honest! 


judy gardner said...

i really like the damask darling style card! thanks for posting!

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