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HaIr Care Review - MacVOil & CureOLogy

Proud Sponsor of 2012 National Breast Cancer Foundation, Cureology is the newest line of Hair Care products that give back!

Salon exclusive, all natural chemical free, anti-aging complex to create fierce volume, energy and spirit.
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Cureology Beauty Premium Hair Care Products are a natural and vital solution for creating a vibrant healthy hair and scalp.
Why Cureology?
Cureology Beauty products are derived from only the finest ingredients: ultra purified water, the purest all natural botanicals and finest organic extracts available in the industry, all carefully mixed and blended at low temperatures maximizing the efficacies and sustainability of the ingredients. The result? Micro Emulsion Technology that is harnessed to infuse the hair and scalp with organic ingredients, a natural source of antioxidants, vitamins and essential oils. Cureology Beauty products are 100% free of phosphates, waxes, fillers, salts, parabens, and harmful petrochemicals and are Animal Cruelty Free. 
Cureology Beauty pledges to offer you a healthy hair care solution and experience, every hour of every day, one that is in harmony with nature’s rhythm and your inner being.

Did You Know? - If you purchase the following products you will help save someones life. Ghirardelli Chocolate, Dannon, Welch’s, Reynolds, Yankee Candle, Scentsy and Cureology Hair Care.

I was lucky enough to receive Cureology, but since it is not available forpurchase until November I was not lucky enough to receive a full size sample. Which absolutely is terrible since I love the product so so much!
I was sent "Courage" which I have good and bad things to say about.
Anyone who's read my reviews on hair care know that to me, conditioner is everything
I have wavy oily/dry (how is that even possible?) hair! Conditioner that is extremely moisturizing is essential to my hair. Lets the get the bad part out of the way right now, like a band aid and get it over with.
 I did not like this conditioner. It was not moisturizing, it seemed more like a body lotion than conditioner. To boot, it didn't even smell as good as the Shampoo; though it did smell similar.

Now for the good part!
I loved the Shampoo. It is rare for me to find a shampoo I love. In my experiences they are all pretty much equals. Not this one! It smells so good, I can't even put into words how amazing it smells. It is so strongly perfume scented, very floral and sweet and familiar.
I loved it! It's washing capabilities were equal to any other shampoo I have used. It wasn't too drying, or too moisturizing, and it did clean my hair. But it left my hair smelling better than any shampoo has ever done before. I am going to have to buy some now!
Unfortunately this brand is a salon exclusive brand.
That means I can't just run to any store and buy it, nor can I purchase it online. 
Also, since their site doesn't state what salons carry it, I have no idea how to tell you where to find it at!
It is available for purchase in November so I have heard, so perhaps I can edit this out if it is available and I have more information for you later.

 Cureology has created a world class line of professional hair care products that really are something naturally special.    
Cureology Beauty is produced with the utmost respect for human health and the environment.   Cureology Beauty adheres to the following principles;
·         We procure and utilize ingredients that are available from renewable sustainable resources.

·         We only use organically grown ingredients.

·         No harmful salt or other thickeners are added to our formulations due to their damaging effects to hair, hair color and scalp.

·         Cureology Beauty is the only hair care line that utilizes a Dual Proprietary Sun Screening System to protect hair, hair color and hairline from the ravaging effects of UVA, UVB and ozone.

·         Cureology Beauty utilizes a proprietary blend of botanicals, antioxidants, essential oils, vitamins, and Omega3’s to create the most naturally beneficial hair care line in the world.

·         Cureology, rejects the use of ammonium lauryl sulfate, ammonium laureth sulfate, and sodium lauryl.  Sulfates that are linked to skin irritation (dryness & itching), cause damage to the follicles, contact dermatitis, and dull hair color. These products may also be prone to adsorption through the skin with potential carcinogenic effects.  
·         We avoid the use of cocamide MEA (a potential carrier of carcinogenic nitrosamines), sodium hydroxide, sodium chloride, PEGs including PEG-5, cocamide, paraben including methyl paraben and many other chemicals that you commonly find in many professional and mass market products.

·         We utilize simple packaging with post consumer recycled materials to minimize the environmental impact.  

·         In most cases we use only single layer recycled packaging between our product and the final consumer.

Cureology Beauty is a cause based product line that donates 20% of their hair care sales to the National Breast Cancer Foundation.  Cureology Beauty has created an effortless way to take action for a worthy cause, by simply using these premium hair care products. Incredible hair that cares.

Companies that include Ghirardelli Chocolate, Dannon, Welch’s, Reynolds, Yankee Candle, Scentsy and Cureology are utilizing specially branded products to support breast cancer research and provide mammograms to underserved women nationwide. Items bear recognizable pink colors and/or logos to alert shoppers to the benefit of purchasing specific brands and packages. Products run the gamut from candle warmers, chocolate and food wrap, to juice, air fresheners and premium hair care products.

Breast cancer is no longer the death sentence it once was. Early detection through monthly self-exams and regular mammograms, combined with medical advances, has significantly increased survival rates and helped millions of women beat the disease and live long, fulfilling lives.

The National Breast Cancer Foundation was founded by breast cancer survivor, Janelle Hail. She underwent a mastectomy and realized her dream in 1991 of creating an organization dedicated to providing resources for women to help save lives. The foundation is leading the fight against breast cancer by providing a myriad of educational programs and free mammograms for women nationwide, offering “Help for Today...Hope for Tomorrow.”

Cureology is committed to social responsibility and
 is proud to be able to donate 20 percent of all distribution sales to the National Breast Cancer Foundation to provide funding for FREE mammograms, education and cancer research. Their full line of products add volume, rejuvenate the scalp, preserve color-treated hair and moisturize for beautiful hair. 
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Anti-Aging haircare
Mac V oil sent me a full sized aerosol Ultra Hold Hairspray
 and a small thing of argon oil and a container of their styling creme! I don't use molding cremes that come in canister's because they are too sticky. I can't make them work in my hair, and I just do not like them in general. I did try to use it, but couldn't get it to work for me. *sad face* I think this product is more for people with short spiky hair that want to texture it, it won't work on my extremely long hair.   

I have tried many argon oil's in the past and this is the best one I have tried as of yet! I love that it makes me shiny, without being greasy and the best part was it only took one drop! The little bottle they sent is around 2 inches so at one drop a day 
(I just put it on the tips of my hair.) it will literally last me forever.

I liked the hairspray cause it smelled amazing. I am a sucker for strongly and sweetly scented ahir products. It didn't leave flakes in my hair the way some hairsprays do- and it also had a lot of hold without being stiff. It is heat activated, although when I blow dry my hair, I do not use hairspray, so I didn't evaluate this claim.  I usually do not go for aerosol hairsprays because sometimes they will not spray I am not sure how this happens, But there will be numerous uses left in the container, with no way to get them out. Like they get de-pressurized or something. Hopefully this won't happen to this as I like it very much!

 I mostly appreciated the use of Omega 3 Oils in their products, I couldn't find a link to the argon oil, but I have included a 1.800 number and a product number and name if you would like to order it!  

MacVoil Introduces New Line of Anti-aging Products for Hair 
Hair is constantly bombarded with environmental pollutants that strip it of essential ingredients needed to stay healthy. Over styling is also damaging to hair and can leave it dry, frizzy and unmanageable. MacVoil anti-aging hair care products rejuvenate, while fostering healthy new growth from the roots outward. The nourishment contained within the company’s products replenishes oils, vitamins, minerals and other essential nutrients that daily life strips away.

MacVoil’s new line of anti-aging products begin with a rejuvenating shampoo formula to reverse hair damage and return it to the peak of perfection. It’s safe for all hair types, even hair that’s been colored, and contains no sulfates, phosphates or parabens. The firm’s proprietary formula includes anti-aging ingredients from around the world to nourish follicles and encourage healthy hair growth.

MacVoil is a green company that uses proprietary formulas of organically grown botanical ingredients designed to fight the anti-aging process. All products are 100 percent recyclable and easy on the environment. Animals are never used in product testing. MacVoil products are vegan friendly and contain no animal byproducts.

The new line of anti-aging products by MacVoil allows users to repair damaged hair and prevent further harm from taking place. All the firm’s anti-aging products are gentle on hair and suitable for use with all hair types and styles.

Botanical Guide

Ivy: Helps to stimulate circulation, thereby promoting hair growth. Works best in combination with Burdock, Fenugreek and Basil.
Burdock: Promotes hair growth by stimulating circulation and works well in conjunction with ivy, fenugreek, and Basil.
Fenugreek: Promotes hair growth by stimulating circulation and works well in conjunction with ivy, burdock, and Basil.
Basil Leaf Extract: Promotes hair growth by stimulating circulation and works well in conjunction with ivy, fenugreek, and Burdock.
Nettle: Strengthen week hair follicles, inhibit the effects of DHT, removes excess sebum, and promotes hair and scalp health, helps to grow fuller and thicker hair, oxygenate the hair follicles.
Acai Extract: Anti-oxidant, anti-aging, rich in polyphenols , It contains mineral salts, vitamins. Carbohydrates, proteins, lipids and flavones contribute to hydrating, emollient, soothing and conditioning effects.
Aloe Vera: Boost hair moisture and shine, natural conditioner
Chilean Soapbark: Natural deep penetrating gentle cleanser, great for scalp.
Brown and Red Algae: Enhance hair strength and help retain moisture, blocks UVA
Kelp: protect your hair from environmental damage, nourish and encourage healthy hair growth and thicken your hair.
Cucumber extract & Cucumber water: Hydrating and smoothing extract which provides a cooling and refreshing experience to the scalp. Excellent sources of Vitamin E and natural potassium, helping to remove unwanted excess oils and grease and fighting the effect of aging

Their site lists their Facebook page as above: 
But it doesn't work for me. 
However their Twitter link was correct:

Located in Houston, Texas,  MacVoil customer service can be reached toll free by phone at 800-622-1330  For more information, visit the website

As far as MacVoil goes you can call and order product 713.532.1111  
The product prices are as followed: 
Macademia , Argan and Cypress is $35
MacVoil Morrocan Argan Oil $30
MacVoil Leave on Conditioner $20
MacVoil Anti Aging $18
MacVoil Anti-Aging Conditioner $18
MacVoil Hair Spray $25
MacVoil Molding Cream $16

Thanks so much to the products manufacturers and the PR for sending me these items. I enjoyed using most of them. I hope to work with you again in the future.

*Disclaimer* -  I was not paid or did not receive any compensation, but did receive samples to review and test out. The opinions in this post are soley mine.


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