Sunday, October 16, 2011

A Little of Everything Fall Festival Giveaway Event


This is my first giveaway event- so please be patient with me.
I'm open to any and all recommendations.

Here is how it is going to work- I am going to put a linky up on 10/20/2011 and you can link all of your giveaways as long as you do the following:
  • Put my Fall Festival Giveaway button in your giveaway posts that are in the linky. You can link as many giveaways as you want. I will add a grab code when I post the linky.
  • Put #FallFestival in your title.
  • Promote the event on your Facebook Fan Page or Twitter. (optional)
  • Post the linky (when it goes live) on your blog. (optional)
I will be promoting the event on a lot of different sites including Facebook and Twitter (personal & fan pages). So I'm sure that we will all be getting a lot of traffic.

I will also follow all the blogs that are listed in the linky. You don't have to do that- unless you really want to. I know it would be greatly appreciated. :)

If you want to participate but don't think you will remember when the day comes, email me or leave your email address in a comment and I will send you a reminder when it goes live.

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A Little of Everything

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Wait! If you are entering my giveaway, please make sure you are following my blog through Google Friend Connect. It is NOT mandatory -However, karma begs that you do! Here's why; the more followers this blog has, the more great things I can continue to bring you. Remember in order to win on Locomotion of Expressions, all you have to do is place one comment stating that you want to win.