Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Edenfantasys.com Naked Book Reader review

The Naked Reader Book Club

Sex toys are the go-to in today's no shame, no frills on the go mom. Yes, Moms have sex! How do you think they get to be moms? I always blog about EdenFantasys but this time I wanted to touch (yes I dared say it) on their erotic books!
TONIGHT! There is something you need to learn about, and please do keep reading to find out what!
More of a story about vampires imaging sex than actual vampire sex, but still full of page turning enthusiasm that will grip and enthrall the reader into squirming delight! 

A sexy collection of erotic vampire short stories.

The Naked Reader Book Club Meets!
Join us October 25th from 8 p.m. to 10 p.m. for the Naked Reader Book Club discussion of Daughters of Darkness-Vampire Tales (Edited by Pam Keesey), and Girls Who Bite-Lesbian Vampire Erotica (Edited by Delilah Devlin).

You will be pleased (pardon my pun!) to know that BOTH of these books are under 15$ on EdenFantasys! 

I myself read naked all the time.
I love to get in the tub and relax with a good book. No, not E-Reader, I.Pad, Kindle, Nook, whatever these crap inventions are that people so easily seem to be replacing their books with. When I want to read a book, I want to turn the pages trick! I want to hold it, and not worry about charging it, updating it, or losing it... dropping it in the tub and ruining it, those kinds of things. I am old school and I get quite enough computer fonts and technology in my day to day life. Really the thought of reading books on it makes me sick!

Now I do not know how many of you have ever tried erotic literature, but it is something I would highly suggest. It does make me feel a little old though. I can still remember my first glance at semi- OK, well ... scratch that! VERY erotic literature. The harlequin Romance novels my Grandma used to read would make a sailor blush. I can remember being very young and reading it being captivated by them. I was about pre-teen-ish. I am sure she didn't know I was reading them.. but still! I look back on it now and laugh and think.. I had no business reading about that. but maybe possibly it made me a better lover today? Who knows.

* Disclosure* This post is in fact sponsored by EdenFantasys. This means I get paid for sharing my opinion of their products and site, however my opinions are still entirely my own and 100% my own and 100% accurate. If I felt that it was sub-par I would be the first to shout it out from the blog-tops.


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