Saturday, October 15, 2011

Halloween Costume Ideas Covering 5 Decades

The 60s

British pop music was trendy during the 1960s. Along with that, the 60s scene was dominated by Woodstock and the hippie movement. One costume idea is to follow the flower power theme. If girls are looking for an interesting costume, they can wear colorful clothes that are covered in flowers. During the late 60s, Austin Powers became a big hit. This quirky character will make another unique Halloween costume. In order to dress like him, guys will need pin-striped pants, a hippie-styled shirt and chest hair to poke out of it. They will also need a hippie-styled wig that has an auburn color. 

The 70s

Punk music became popular in the 70s. As a result, punk clothing was the big fashion trend. One Halloween costume idea is for people to dress like they are a part of the anti-establishment movement. It will be easy to put this costume together because the main requirement is ripped clothing. To make it look more authentic, add a few safety pins to hold the torn clothing together. Use accessories such as studded collars and bracelets. Besides that, people should style their hair in a Mohawk. To complete the look, put on heavy makeup. For example, add a lot of black liner around the eyes. 

The 80s
The 80s were a time for bright colors, big hair, shoulder pads and costume jewelry. When putting together an 80s costume, most items can be found at a thrift store. The costume should include an over-sized sweatshirt that hangs off the shoulder. Along with that, it should also include brightly colored leg warmers, jelly bracelets and a side pony tail. In the 80s came the rise of Michael Jackson. For this second unique costume idea, people will need leather pants, a leather jacket and a white t-shirt. Along with that, they will also need black dress shoes, white socks and a white glove. To make the costume more authentic, consider adding aviator sunglasses, facial powder and hair gel. 

The 90s 

The 90s were famous for fads and pop culture. One of the biggest icons from the decade was 
Britney Spears. For this Halloween costume, people will need a red checkered mini skirt and a short white top. Hair should be worn in pigtails. If a person doesn't have blond hair, they should wear a wig to complete the costume. Other than pop music, cartoons were really popular during the 90s. Another unique costume idea is to dress up like Marge Simpson. In order to do this, people will need to purchase a tall blue wig and a green dress. They can even paint their skin yellow and wear a pearl necklace. 

The 2000s 

In this generation, vampires and werewolves have become a trend. Dressing as a vampire is a simple costume. The main requirement will be a set of fangs. Besides that, Harry Potter was another icon from the decade. To dress like Harry Potter, people will need a pair of thick black-rimmed glasses and a wand. To make the costume more realistic, use facial paint to make a lightning bolt on the forehead.

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