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#win! BRAINYbaby Flashcars! + Read about Glowberry Bear & Baby Bidou too! Review/giveaway 1/2

3 Brainy Baby Products REVIEWED! 
Giveaway for my favorite ONE of the 3!
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Glowberry Bears

Most people associate Brainy Baby with educational DVDs. They also have some super cute toys on their website too! This cute little nugget (above) is Devonny, my 1 and a half year old little girl. This cute little bear she is holding is called the Glowberry Bear! I am proud to introduce you to this snuggly toy. I will bring to you all the perks of this toy right now.
Every since Devonny was one, she has had toys in her crib. She prefers toys that light up, and make noise. I like her having them too. Since my bedroom headboard shares a wall with her crib (in the adjacent room) I can tell if she is asleep or not by her toys babbling. This- and they keep her company and keep her from being so scared and lonely at bedtime. As soon as I took it out of the box (as you see in the pictures above) she was kissing it and holing it! It has three different buttons that make it do different things. If you push it's belly, the belly lights up (flashes as it giggles) when it stops giggling, the light goes off. The belly has a hard ball in it that can be felt inside the belly. It's not really, "in" the belly. It's right up on the fabric. I don't know if mine is defective, but its crotch lights up. She runs holding it, so I hope she doesn't hit her head on it's light up no-no area.
In one paw, you push it and it makes the light come on and stay on. It doesn't stay on for long, just a few minutes, and slowly it turns off, dimming as it goes.
Lastly there is the other paw. This one talks to the child/baby and says a few different things, lights up and also quits after 3 minutes.
Devonny adores this toy. I am confused that Brainy Baby only offers it in the blue and yellow, because the box has several different names and colors of other Glowberry Bears. Hmm? I do not know. I do know that it said each bear says and sounds different, and I am pretty sure they interact with one another.. somehow. I do not have two so I can't really tell you what they do.
Great news! Right now, they are on sale!!!!
My one complaint?   
This toy is very loud. Like I said, we share a bedroom (and bed) wall.. it is so loud in fact- that if I have started to doze off, it wakes me up. That's never happened with any other toy. When I say it's loud, you better believe its pretty darn loud!
My favorite part?   
Besides the fact that the baby loves it? I love the fact that it came with batteries. That's awesome!

Buy Summer Nightly for Regular Price: $24.99 Special Price: $12.99
Ages 3+
This cute and cuddly talking yellow bear is filled with smiles and words of good cheer -- Summer is bright throughout the year!
She can interact with your child (bear-to-child mode) or directly with Twinkleton (bear-to-bear mode)
Her tummy turns into a night light that automatically turns off after three minutes of inactivity.
Includes three (3) AA batteries

Flashcar Friends
So this was my favorite! Also- what the giveaway will also be for. Let me tell you WHY I love these so much! Most flashcards are totally unappealing to kids. I don't care what is printed on them. They are not an educational TOY. An educational tool, yes. But not a toy. This turns them into a toy that they will want to play with. Without being prompted to. Not only that but most small children will bend, tear and ruin most any flashcards. Not these. They are wooden. They have a fun little storage base to keep them in. You cant even tell that they are flashcards when all put together. Wooden toys are amazingly durable and fun. I feel there are too many plastic toys nowadays anyway! I love that it is a recycling truck. Which is why I requested for it. This helps to bring up recycling later at an age when the child can fully understand it. I have never seen a recycling truck modeled as a children's toy. I definitely appreciated that aspect. It wouldn't have mattered which set of cards was in it, that's the one I would've asked for! 

The Flashcar friends have 4 sets
One is ANIMALS. 
One is NUMBERS. 
Of course the ever important ALPHABET!

Rudy the recycling truck is NUMBERS! This toy is quite heavy so watch your toes around the small babies. Other that that, I could find no defect with this item! We absolutley love it! I give it 10 out of 10 stars! It's so awesome, and extremely affordable. I think a little girl or boy would appreciate this toy!
If you want to win one, just keep reading below and comment "I want to win" and you are entered! There are also extra/optional entries as well! So do look for those.
My one complaint? 
My favorite part?
Durable & educational.

Buy Rudy the Recycling Truck Regular Price: $34.99 Special Price: $19.99
Meet the Flashcar Friends™ ages 2-5
These unique and adorable wooden vehicle characters have very special cargo - flashcards on academic topics like letters, numbers and more!
Each Flashcar Friends™ vehicle is made of wood, including the flashcards too!
Rudy the 123s Recycling Truck has real world images on each of his flashcard inserts that make counting to 20 enjoyable and even has cards to start simple math skills. Whether you roll him around or take him on-the-go, learning the 123s has never been so fun.
These awesome additions to the Brainy Baby® line of products are especially designed to help your child develop a love of learning for a lifetime®.
Collect Rudy's other Flashcar Friends™ - Sadie the ABCs School Bus™, Aerial the Shapes & Colors Airplane™ and Flash the Animals Fire Truck™ - and open up a word of discovery for your child!

Colors also available in Green/orange and Ivory/brown
Baby Bidou MP3 player
Wow!  This product is amazing. There are so many reasons to buy this product. 
I could only find one not to.
Lets do a list!
  • You can load your babies favorite songs, your own favorite songs.
  • ... even your own voice onto a super-durable MP3 player.
  • Made for for infants and toddlers.
  • High Quality (because.. see above..LOL!)
  • Easy to load music to Baby Bidou.
  • So easy a baby can do it!
  • Can be personalized with music or a mother’s voice. 
  • Can easily be wiped clean.
  • Cute as a button (or teddy bear!)
  • Love that it camn be turned off as well.
  • Comes in MANY colors.
  • Lightweight, shock resistant and suitable for children.
  • No headphones to wear or tear up, 
  • BUT what would a baby need those for? Just a speaker.
  • Volume up and down buttons.
  • You can even have it pre-loaded with one of four CDs before you get it.
  • Devonny loves it, pushing the buttons, 
  • hearing gigis voice on it 
  • and she dances to the music on it. 

My one complaint? 
Price. Its is almost 60$ but it is also an MP3 player. 

My favorite part?
Devonny loves it. See list above. All those are my favorite parts! I also love that it has 
(available for purchase separately ) two animals the Baby Bidou MP3 player fits in to.
The cost for these?   $24.99   Bear & Lamb also ties to crib!

CURRENTLY out-of-stock,
But surely will be available again soon. Who knows? By the time you read this probably will be.
It's ARV is 59.99 (pre-loaded 63.99!)
Baby Bidou is a MP3 player and recorder developed for infants and toddlers.
Your Personal Touch
Load it with music that you and your child enjoy
Record your own voice for your child to hear
Fade feature allows the music to slowly decrease in volume as your child gently falls asleep
Easy To Use
Easy to carry
Hangs easily on side of crib
For an additional $4.00, Baby Bidou can be preloaded with Sleepy Baby CD, Peaceful Baby CD, Cheerful Baby CD, or Playful Baby CD. 


Suitable For Children Ages Birth and up
Built-in speaker (No earphones to harm ears)
Parental control of the volume (Select your own volume limit so it will never play too loud)
Made from safe, non-toxic plastic
Requires 2 'AA' batteries 

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*Disclaimer*  I received one or more of the products or services mentioned above for free in the hope that I would mention/review it on my blog. I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR, Part 255: “Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising.” The opinions expressed in this post are entirely my own. Your experience with the product may differ from mine.


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