Saturday, December 31, 2011

Syke or Sike, or Psych? Either way- I'm on one.

Fooled ya.
I thought I was back, and I had every intention on being back, however I am so sick with the flu, and I have had a miserable past few days. I have basically slept the past 4 days away. As I type right now- I am literally coughing my freaking head off. I thought that I had a cold, and was feeling better.. so I let the hubby talk me in to making what he called a "short" trip (100+ mi) to pick up a car from a Carmax in a neighboring big city that was non-transferable. The car that we had cost us an arm and a leg, in payments and gas.
Carmax has always been good to us, and I love how they are no-haggle.  (No- this is not a sponsored post, just my honest opinion.)
We went to a Nissan dealership and they screwed us around for hours and it was so frustrating. See, we were interested in trading my Enclave for the more gas savvy Cube. A quick search online of the local Nissan Dealerships showed that none had any on the lots. So we thought we'd call a few, just in case they hadn't updated their sites. We called Coggins on Atlantic and they said that while they didn't have one on their lot, but could get one from one of their neighboring lots. Apparently they own more than just a Nissan dealership and intended on bringing one for us to see. We drive a good ways to get there, and nope. They see my interest in the Juke, and suddenly they "can't get a Cube til next year". I tell them, OK, well next year is in a few days.... Then one salesman remarks to my husband how "sorry he feels for him".
Great way to sell a car right?

The Juke was an amazing car and I test drove it. While the rear end of it is not so appealing to me, the inside is immaculate. I love the styling and details. Driving it also impressed me, because it was Turbo-Charged and drove like a dream. We ultimately decided though, that being a first year released model, it wouldn't be the best purchase decision, since 1st year models usually have the most defects and issues, which are later fixed in following years. Especially since it was almost as costly as the Enclave and wouldn't save us money-- which was kind of the point. But boy did I like it. The Juke claims to get 27/32 mpg, which if it's true; is very impressive. However- upon reading the Edmunds reviews of the car, one reviewer who bought it said "What was Nissan smoking when they based that assumption that that was accurate mileage for that car?" Stating that they only got 20. In addition, I know one reviewer said only if you drive like a grandma, and leave the car in Economy Mode, and NEVER switch to Turbo, and even then, you cant get the numbers Nissan states. But kind-of close. I know I can't drive like that. While 20 mpg is better than my Enclave's 15, still not nearly as impressive as the 27/31 the Cube gets.. and on our way back home, I got the Cube up to 33+ mpg.
Back to Coggins....
Then, as we are about to walk out, the Nissan Cube they brought us in on the pretense of showing us, they told us they couldn't get til "next year" then, "in about 3 months", they can suddenly "have on the lot tomorrow for us to see".
This is why I love Carmax. No haggle, none of this, "let me go talk to my boss" it's just silly how car dealerships will try to treat you. All of our cars have come from Carmax, but they have very few Cube's right now. Cube must be a pretty good car, since no-one is wanting to trade them in. The reviewers I have read of it the owners are passionate about them, and enjoy driving them immensely. I am not used to driving a 4 cylinder anymore, but if it saves us money- then great! I kinda feel like I am driving a go-cart, because of the way it takes so long to shift and how it sounds while driving. When in idle you can't tell its running, but on the interstate (as the reviewers on Edmunds only real complaint of the Cube was) it has a lot of wind noise, probably because of it's square & not-so-aerodynamic design.

We ended up deciding to take the 100mi + drive to pick up the closest Cube from them since for some reason it was non-transferable. So long story short, we take this drive with me sick, getting sicker by the day, and stay overnight and come back and since then I have gotten worse and worse. Perhaps all these holiday travelers bringing in sicknesses that different areas aren't yet immune to?

Because 'tis the season right? 

I know it's New Year, but the last thing I plan on doing is getting drunk and partying. Ugh. FML. So Happy New Year to you guys, and remember to use Germ EX!  very Happy New Year!


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