Wednesday, December 7, 2011

#nsnation Check in!

So most of you guys know, I am already on my 3rd week of  Nutrisystem! You might already know- I got to pick my shelf stable foods, but Nutrisystem picked my frozen selections for me. This is OK with me, since I am not a picky eater. But I couldn't help but wonder what if I was? A lot of these foods have bell peppers and mushrooms in them. Which I think are quite tasty.. but I know no one who shares my sentiments. OK, my mother does!

The portions are very small, so I grab a piece of healthy fruit, like a half an apple, or a small salad, to help fill me up. I guess me being used to such large portions (the American way) is probably the root of my weight problem anyway! Time to wean that baby off the milk! Silly joke, but true.

The Nutrisystem food is even tastier than I thought it would be. With very few exceptions. But now I know what not to pick next time. So far I know not to get Swedish Meatballs anymore. I know to get the mini-cookies. I also really like the frozen omelets. I haven't yet tried the pizzas they sent (3 different types) because I am a save-the-best-for-last type of girl. The food seems to be giving me loads of energy. On second know what? Scratch that! My favorites are the little chili cups. There is a vegetarian chili and a regular (meat).

I am most having a hard time with the water. I admit it. I drink coffee all day long, and I have to have loads of sugar! That is a very very hard addiction to break. I have cut down to two large cups, as opposed to my normal 6.  Maybe in another weeks I can be down to one? I have cut back on the sugar/cream I use in it. But I can't be drinking black coffee, oh no! I know the water is really important. If your body is hydrated, it doesn't try to get water from it's food. It can help you feel full. I also know caffeine is a diuretic too, so maybe I should consider switching to decaf?
I feel skinnier!

One thing I did recently learn that I was waiting until this post to share with you, is a full night of sleep can help you lose weight. That's nice to know! I am an insomniac! I am working on getting to bed before 1am. But, as you can see by the time-stamp of this blog post... easier said than done. But being aware is the first step, right?

What do you guys think?

I am sure that I will start losing weight soon, because I am consuming fewer calories per day than normal. My weight when I started? 152! Now I am at 150.5. That 1/2 lb matters to me! Every little bit counts!
 So far- no drastic weight loss. That's good though, because that wouldn't be healthy at all.  But no worries! I just joined my local gym at the tune of $24 a month! Pretty affordable! Even better, they offer a "tot-drop" so I am able to actually go without getting a babysitter. I knew there were gyms (somewhere?) that offered this service, but never encountered one before! I like to workout for hours at a time, so I can't do that anymore. Since they only offer 90 min max. But that's OK. I am able to go after I drop the big kid off to school. I am very excited if you can't tell! Determined to drop this stubborn baby weight! I thought I would be nervous about leaving her with strangers, but the room is made of glass and the two older ladies that sit in there and rock are oh-so-nice!

Want to lose weight and get healthy on Nutrisystem? Join today by calling Phone: 1-888-853-4689 or by visiting!

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