Wednesday, August 28, 2013

V Tech's newest tranforming dinosaur line: Switch & Go Dinosaurs! #review #voiceActivated

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The ultimate kids toy, Switch & Go Dinos easily transform between a dinosaur and a vehicle in a few simple steps. Switch & Go Dinos come equipped with an LCD screen for customizable animations, providing an imaginative and stimulating 2-in-1 play experience. In dinosaur mode, action buttons play interesting facts about each dinosaur, providing kids with fun and enriching playtime. There are seven durable, unique and collectable Switch & Go Dinos available ranging in price from $12.99 to $69.99.

Switch & Go Dinos - Quiver the Stygimoloch  Switch from race car to dinosaur with Quiver the Stygimoloch™ by VTech®! If he's not cruisin' he's bruisin' with a hard head and spiky horns, so watch out! He's so fast he'll make you tremble with excitement!

 I love that they transform, and my little girl Devonny loves these "boys toys" these transforming dinosaurs. Which goes to show they are not only for boys.
 Here are their ferocious names.

  • Torr the Therizinosaurus
  • Her favorite small one they sent she calls "my blue dino" is Sir Stompsalot the Amargasaurus. Pictured below.
  • MC Roar the Giganotosaurus (I think he's cool looking!)
  • Quiver the Stygimoloch (Yellow, was sent to us- pictured Above)
  • Span the Spinosaurus
  • Attila the Ankylosaurus
  • T-Don the Pteranodon
  • Tonn the Stegosaurus
  • SkySlicer the Allosaurus
  • Blister the Velociraptor
  • Sliver the T-Rex
  • I also love this BIG Switch & Go Dinos - Brok the Brachiosaurus
  • They also sent us the red small dino: Switch & Go Dinos - Akuna the Velociraptor Adorable! My kids love!
  • Of course, our big wow moment was at the very smart very BIG Jagger the T-Rex pictured and reviewed below.
  • Last but not least, one of the cutest small dinos is  Horns the Triceratops

 On their website it quotes them as having seven, but I count 15.

 Meet Jagger
I'm Jagger the T-Rex and your wish is my command. Humbly at your service, with your brains and my
brawn, we can do anything. I'm the king of all dinos—a tower of T-Rex power. I can even bite through
 the roof of a car. But true strength comes from within. You're safe with me, and together...we will rule
 the earth.
The King of all Switch & Go Dinos
In the world of dinosaurs, size means everything. Jagger the T-Rex by VTech uses problem-solving
skills to transform from a super-cool construction crane to a fierce Tyrannosaurus Rex in just a few
steps. Choose your driver on the 1.5" LCD screen that promotes visual awareness in vehicle mode,
then command Jagger to "Start your engine," to move the earth with a 360-degree rotatable-extending
 crane, teaching cause and effect relationships. Yell "Fire," to launch the voice-activated drill bit or
 push the dirt with the mini-transforming bulldozer for more imitative play. Jagger's animated dinosaur
 eyes will make any other dinosaur flee, as your child commands this beast. “Roar with me,” triggers
 one of 20 voice commands to activate his motorized jaw and elicit his mighty warning cry. Realistic
 dinosaur sounds and phrases provide auditory stimulation and add to your child's play and when
 they press the "Talk" button, Jagger teaches pre-historically awesome dinosaur facts that introduce
science concepts and keep your child engaged in independent play. He’s the biggest and the best..
.all other dinos bow down before him.
Collect all of the Switch & Go Dinos
Each Switch and Go Dino transforms from a vehicle to a cool dinosaur in a few moves. With a whole
 crew of transforming dinos to choose from, your child will easily find a favorite Switch & Go
Dino. Each Switch & Go Dino has customizable eyes and drivers, as well as unique sounds and
dinosaur facts.
About VTech
VTech, the creator of the Electronic Learning Products (ELP) category and the award-winning
InnoTab, MobiGo, and V.Reader handheld toys, is a world leader of age-appropriate learning
products. Since 1980, VTech has been developing high-quality, innovative educational products
 that enrich children's development through fun and smart play.
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I had a little difficulty the first few times with the bigger dinosaur, "transforming" him, so to speak. But once you do it a few times you get the hang of it. The same goes with speaking to him, he has to learn- as you do too! You have to speak loudly, slowly (but not too slow) and definitely clearly. My smallest child (age 3) has a harder time getting Jagger to "listen" or obey commands than my eight year old daughter and myself do.

They were tickled by his towing crane and expressive digital eyes. They love his "rocket launcher", actually a drill (he turns into a bulldozer!) I love that they love him so much! He's big, without being too big. How handy that he folds up into a smaller object. He's still rather large though. Even when "closed up.  He seems to be rather sturdy and I know being a V-Tech toy, he will survive the zombie apocalypse.  I love that my little girl can venture away from the girly toys, and not be afraid or ashamed to play with a dinosaur. I love laying down in the floor with them and practicing my best ROAR!!!

Gigi likes that that you can command him to go forward and backwards.  He's pretty impressive, once you figure out all he can do- you have hours of fun interactive playtime!

 Switch & Go Dinos - Stompsalot the Amargasaurus  Transform from a hot rod vehicle into a cool dinosaur with VTech's® Sir Stompsalot the Amargasaurus! With a long spiny neck and powerful body, he's pledged to defend the kingdom. Join him on this formidable adventure!  See more  Price: $12.99

Switch & Go Dinos - Akuna the Velociraptor  VTech's® Akuna the Velociraptor™ is the latest in the line of Switch & Go Dinos. He may be small in stature but he's also fast and fierce. You never know when this transforming dinosaur toy is going to launch a surprise attack!

  • Jagger is the biggest of all the Switch & Go Dinos
  • Features 2 modes of play - transforms from a crane into a fierce T-Rex, promoting problem-solving skills
  • LCD screen displays fierce dinosaur eyes and cool driver animations that stimulate visual awareness
  • Responds to multiple voice commands in both dinosaur and vehicle modes, introducing cause and effect relationships
  • Motorized, voice-activated wheels and jaw introduce cause and effect relationships
  • Small bulldozer transforms into a tiny T-Rex
  • Press the "Talk" button to learn awesome dinosaur facts that introduce science concepts
  • Extendable crane rotates 360 degrees, keeping your child engaged in independent play
  • Drill head fires from the launcher, encouraging imitative play
  • Realistic crane sound effects provide auditory stimulation

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WIN!  3 switch and go dinos, from this blog now! Ends 9/10 Rafflecopter Click here!

Disclaimer*  I received one or more of the products or services mentioned above for free in the hope that I would mention/review it on my blog. I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR, Part 255: Disclosure Statement:  I did not receive any monetary compensation for this post. The VTech product, information, and additional gift pack have been provided by VTech.


nickieisis3 said...

My son would love these.

Sandy VanHoey said...

All kids seem to be fascinated with dinosaurs so these are really cool toys and love the various ones you can get. The large ones are super cool. I know my grandson has several dinosaurs and 2 that are very large with sounds, walking, etc. He loves them. You did a great job on your review

Janet W. said...

What fun toys that would keep my grandsons busy and entertained! My grandsons love dinosaurs and would think it's so cool that they can transform!

Tj and Amy said...

too cute! My kids would love these! they love cars and dinosaurs.

Alyshia said...

I have three boys and dinosaurs are a big part of our play time they are definitely fascinated by them . Theses look awesome my kids would love them!

Kele Wassum said...

I love that they are big and the eyes are great! I worry too that my 3 year grandson would not be understood but I think his older sister would help him out. Thank you for a great review I think this is definitely something to buy for Christmas

jasmin q said...

so lovely toy kids will enjoy it

kim burnett said...

great review! looks like a fun toy!!

Gina Wildorchid said...

These are great! I know my son would love one of these.

B said...

I love these! My 2 love transformers, but they're too difficult for them to "transform" since they're only 5 & 3. Same concept, but better for little hands!

D Schmidt mummytotwoboys said...

These are such a fantastic combination of locomotive and dinosaur and my son loves that they transform!

Kristen said...

My 3 year old would have a great time with these!

sweetsue said...

I would love to win this prize for my granddaughter for Christmas. She loves Dinosaurs!

LauraJJ said...

Oh these look so fun! I know Carter would love them too! Oh the LCD screen eyes would be so cool as well as the sounds! Thanks for the great review! This might have to be on Carters Christmas list this year!!!!

Wendi S said...

I know most boys and a lot of girls will love these interactive toy. I love v-tech. there has never bee a time I purchased a v-tec toy that I was disappointed. They are first class quality!

Cassandra Eastman said...

These look so awesome, my 4 year old would really love Blister the Velociraptor because he loves helicopters! What a great idea for a toy!

Jill Myrick (jsc123) said...

These look like a lot of fun. And I can see my husband having as much fun with them as my children will.


Jennifer Hayden said...

My son loves dines. I love how these can turn into different things and he can use his imagination.

ellie said...

My grandson is crazy about dinos and would love these.

Becca Ann said...

My son would love these.. I think he would love the red on the best

Megan Parsons said...

These look fun! My son would these!

Deb S. said...

These look like the perfect gift for a little boy. Skylar would love playing with these.

tlcfromtn said...

My grandsons would have a lot of fun with these!

Laura Unger said...

These are great. My son has one. It's such a great combination of dinosaurs, vehicles and technology!

price21100 said...

Would love to win! My son has several of these already and would live to collect them all!

Vikki Billings said...

My grandson loves dinosaurs and these look really cool, I know he would love them.

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