Tuesday, August 20, 2013

#RainCoat Exciting things and changes at @Kidorable!!! (Best kid birthday gifts)

You guys might know of a very popular children's Rain-wear and accessories brand called Kidorable? If you have never then you need to check them out now. But there are big news from Kidorable—exciting improvements for their products are on the way, plus their first price change in 4 years.  Kidorable is a premium brand—all our core lines are now the best available in the market.   Click here to see the changes for yourself .

Kidorable Coats are changing from PVC to a lined PU (same quality and materials as our Dora the Explorer and SpongeBob coats) and will be available to ship starting September 2nd.   The price for these new coats is $39.00

These are lighter, more comfortable and more attractive than PVC.  Everyone loves these coats.  100% of people they tested much prefer these to our regular coats. 
The addition of a printed pattern liner makes the coats more special.  With a nylon liner for the raincoat because nylon is water proof and matches the feel of the PU.  The PU+nylon is much lighter, easy to fold, and carry to go. 

More than just a raincoat, these can be worn every day, all spring and fall. 

Kidorable Umbrellas now all have a fun custom handle, setting Kidorable apart from all others. The new handles will be gradually phased in over the next few months.  The new price, effective September 2, is $13.95

Kidorable Boots now have a custom printed lining, adding to perceived value.  Together with our custom sole, this lifts Kidorable boots above anything else on the market.  No other company has a fun custom sole and printed lining.   The new price, effective September 2, is $29.95

 My 2 favorite rain sets for boys and girls are featured in this post! We have 4 sets: mermaid, lucky cat, ballerina, and the old retired houndstooth English Roses (I miss the English Roses line by Madonna  **Sad POUTY face**  :-(  !!!!  ) Even more than the sets of boots/jackets I love their wooden hangers and the backpacks (link above).

But which one do you like best? One featured or a different one from the site? What do you think about the new changes?  Thanks for reading!

DISCLOSURE ~   I shared this because I love this brand and have worked with them in the past- not because they sent me product.


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