Friday, August 30, 2013

#flashGiveaway first 5! Crystal Entertainment #AlphieTHEsquid: cute app for adults & kids to play together

The game is an ocean exploration game for iphone/ipad/ipod/android. 
Care to check the latest mobile game that has been featured as “New & Noteworthy” on the App Store in 36 countries?
You should check out Alphie, a brand new game that is enjoyable for adults to play, but accessible and equally fun for kids to play.  Alphie just launched on Thursday, July 18th and we’re doing our best to spread the word!
Alphie is an ocean exploration mobile game that educates everyone about the natural talents of squids and the fascinating creatures of the underwater world. With top-notch visual graphics, animation and music (by Emmy nominated composer David Ari Leon), Alphie takes you on an immersive adventure through the oceanic currents!  Watch the game trailer now!

I got so wrapped up in this game yesterday. I didn't do much cleaning. That is unlike me, I am OCD about keeping my house clean. Maybe it was just a lazy day, or the amazing graphics and entrancing images that captivated my attention. Devonny sat in my lap, telling me, "go there!" "touch that" she was really excited. It was cute and we had fun with it. If you love to play these kinds of games with your kids on your iPad or iPhone or iPod then this is right up your alley!!!  Watch the video in this post and see for yourself.

Alphie the Squid is a unique ocean exploration game that follows the journey of wide-eyed and cute baby squid as he ventures into the depths of the ocean. Using the natural talents of the legendary giant squids, Alphie hunts, camouflages, and hypnotizes in order to fight sea creatures on a quest to become king of the ocean.

Apple featured our game as “New & Noteworthy” in 36 countries. The game is accessible for both adults and children as it is relaxing and yet immersive to provide hours of entertainment.  
The first five people who comment on this blog post with an email address will get a code to download this app for free for their iPhone or iPad.

If you have an Android, the first few levels are free. Also, as the game is a paid app ($2.99) on iTunes. 


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Note: These codes are for Apple iTunes store so only people with ipad/iphone/ipod can use them (The game is free on Android for the first 4 levels)

Disclosure - This is a sponsored post by Crystal Entertainment. Regardless- all opinions are my own,


ambermcmyne said...

sorry, i want to win!

ambermcmyne said...

im really sorry, i did not realize i was leaving all of those comments... i thought it wasnt working so i kept republishing... sorry...

Sandy VanHoey said...

How cool of an app. My grandson has so many on his mom's phone but I keep finding new ones I think he'd enjoy and this looks like one he would love

Elizabeth Matthiesen said...

what a marvellous contest - I have my fingers crossed

Elizabeth Matthiesen said...

sorry forgot to add my email address:

kim burnett said...

would love to win!

B said...

My son would love this!

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