Tuesday, August 6, 2013

My Trip to #AlabamaSplashAdventure #waterPark lots of pics!~

I recently; as in just 4 days ago, got to visit Alabama Splash Adventure Park; which of course is in Alabama, my home state. I will describe this theme park to you as describing it to a friend. You readers are my friends, after all.

Now that you've seen the trip pictures.. I gotta say There isn't much to it. It is more for kids than for adults. Smaller children preferable. The splash pad is a sight to be seen though, and very impressive.  That is by far my 8 and 3 year old little girls fave place in the whole park.

There are 2 major water slides, one being a straight drop-off/free-fall, and the other being similar to a toilet bowl. You go through a blacked out tunnel/pipe and swirl around a bowl before dropping like a turd in the bottom into an 8 ft cup (so to speak) that really frightened my friend and my child. There is another one similar but it sweeps and turns in a blacked out tunnel but you ride a tube in it. It was called Neptunes Plunge. I liked it because the line to it went fast as 8 people could be set up to be pushed down 4 different (but similar) slides/tubes at once. I think my old butt hurt my back a little bit on that one.

 I loved the lazy river- but thought it was very stupid that they would make you pay for an inner tube to use in it. A "rental" that if someone walks off with.. well - you know the end to that story. If you return it you get 1/2 of your money back, which in this case would be 5$ (but they do have double tubes) but still. Seems to me that should be included in the price of the ticket.

There are quite a few places to eat and shop there. One being a nice popular local deli brand, McCallisters + there is also:
Emporium Souvenirs To help you remember your magical day, our gift shop is fully stocked with Cameras, Sundries, Souvenirs, Gifts, T-Shirts, Jewelry and more.   Funnel Cake? Who can say no to your personal Funnel Cake? Select from a tasty assortment of toppings. I found a candy store with candy necklaces for 50 cents, and candy bracelets too. Of course we got some of those. Also in the candy store we found fresh candied apples and caramel apples (no nuts though) We ate at  Fin’s Surfside Grill Featuring 1/3 lb Sirloin Burgers, Crispy Chicken Tenders and Grilled Chicken Sandwiches   Mama Lizetti’s and Mutt’s Hot Dogs Your favorite Italian treat served by the slice and all beef chili cheese hot dogs   Chubbie’s 1/2 lb. Steak Burger., Salads and Desserts available. Coke Corner Soft Serve Ice Cream, Fresh Popcorn and Ice Cold Beverages.. I loved the Dippin Dots stand, and even got the girl there to take a picture of me and the girls, but I didn't appreciate the ca$h only. I use a debit card for everything- I rarely have cash on me.
We didn't get any ice cream, as I had to have what little cash I had for the 8$ parking (also excessive) and for the locker to put my keys and phone and clothes in so they wouldn't get wet.

Overall, we had fun. It wasn't too crowded- and the wave pool was really neat.
I love that from 4-8 you can get in for cheaper. Military gets in all day for $19.99 and if you buy season passes ($60 instead of paying daily $29) you save even more money. If you are going to go more than once, and you have a family of at least 3, that would be the only way to go really. It was very easy to find (without a gps even) just following signs on 1-20 right past downtown Birmingham, towards Bessemer. The staff were nice and The kids really enjoyed their new adventure course/obstacle course called WIPEOUT. It's like a mini Gladiator, you are attached overhead by a cable and have to go through these "obstacles" while keeping your balance and getting squirted. While I was there I saw no one "wipe-out" in fact it looked almost too easy- but that is preferable to being hurt any day. I thought it was great of the park, and of USFG bloggers to hook us up with 4 free tickets. it saved us a ton of money. Had it not been for that, I don't think I would've been able to justify spending that much money for one visit to this park.

Quick fact: I grew up outside of this area, so I actually remember as a pre-teen or teenager when it was being built it was actually VisionLand, and had several roller coaster rides, which are still there, but not operated/functioning. I have never even been until my birthday (this trip) August 2nd when we went. I know the kids really had a blast. I loved that the park was small so easy to navigate and not get lost. I think the maze was really cool too. There is a maze that looks pretty hard. You can observe and squirt the contenders as they try to get through. Took my kids 2 minutes and 46 seconds!!


The zipline was closed, but like I said, I loved the splash pad, with it's baby slides and tunnels and even had bouncers and see saws. Too stinking cute!

Alabama Splash Adventure on Facebook

Disclosure: I posted this blog because the park gave me free tickets. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR, Part 255: “Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising.”.


sandiesfriend1 said...

I have been there, but will not go back, simply because it is now all water themed. I LOVED a few of the rides, the swings especially, the scrambler, several more. Eliminating this probably cuts their overhead since so many more people would be on the payroll to operate them. While I understand, I do not like it. Entertainment dollars are few these days and I personally prefer to spend mine where, not only the grandkids, but grandparents as well as parents can participate in something they truly enjoy.

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