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TheraBreath Probiotic review and TheraBreath - TRIVIA GIVEAWAY!

Do you suffer from BAD BREATH?
Probiotic review and TheraBreath - TRIVIA GIVEAWAY! Win a arv 13$ value box of 100 TheraBreath Mouth Wetting Lozenges!

(P.S. I have had them on my last TheraBreath review and they are very VERY good! They remind me of the white mint LifeSavers!! )

The question is in orange text below. If you cant read it, try highlighting it as if you are going to cut & paste.

How To Use This Product:
Brush Teeth, tongue, and inside cheeks with TheraBreath Toothpaste (included) to prepare for treatment. Mix one stick pack with about two mouthfuls (2oz.) of water until fully dissolved. Rinse mouth thoroughly for 1 minute with one mouthful. Spit. Gargle for 30 seconds with next mouthful. Spit. If additional solution remains, rinse until gone. You will learn to estimate more precisely as you use the treatment. Use treatment TWICE (morning and night) on DAY 1, ONCE (each morning) on DAYS 2-6, and TWICE (morning and night) on DAY 7.
TheraBreath Multi-Symptom ProBiotics
9 - 2.7g stickpacks and 1 - .75oz toothpaste
Ingredients: ProBiotics: Crystalline trehalose dihydrate, xylitol, natural flavors, BLIS Strep. Var. K12 and M18
Does not Contain:
Sodium Lauryl Sulfate
Benzalkonium Chloride (an allergen)

Price - $28.00

What we thought (The Hubby and I) -
Hubby: "I think that it works pretty good. I like the way it tastes a lot, but, I didn't like the packages, they should have torn, but they had to be cut open every day. My mouth felt very clean after I was done."
Me: I think it most definitely works! I haven't smelled anything coming from him and that never happens. I'm impressed!
Coupons and specials: Go online and get 20$ in coupons to use toward purchase of your therabreath products.
HERE & ALSO, here.

Do you suffer from BAD BREATH?

About probiotics:

In humans our internal tissues are normally free of micro-organisms. However, the surface tissues, such as the skin and mucous membranes (inside of the mouth, nasal passages, etc), are constantly in contact with the external environment and become easily colonized by certain micro-organisms. The mixture of organisms regularly present at any site is referred to as the normal flora. (In the mouth it is known as the normal oral flora or microflora). This is usually a mutually-beneficial relationship. The normal flora utilizes the supply of nutrients provided by the host, a stable environment, a constant temperature, as well as protection and transport. The host may obtain from the micro-organisms some nutritional benefit, some stimulation of the development of the lymphatic tissues, but the most important general benefit is that colonization by the well-adapted normal flora can exclude other harmful micro-organisms from colonizing the host.

The top two circular areas of the photo show the inhibition of bacterial growth coming from BLIS producing bacteria.

Studies show a direct link between low levels of Streptococcus salivarius in the mouth throat and tonsils and the development of halitosis. This is because in-vitro testing has shown that Streptococcus salivarius K12 inhibits the key pathogens responsible for halitosis. Moreover, in-vitro testing has also shown that Streptococcus salivarius K12 inhibits the key pathogens responsible for ear infections and tonsillitis and clinical trials are underway in these indications.

To sum it up (in laymans terms) loooongg brochure but very interesting.. They sent a brochure that comes inside the box of probiotics...I read it. A lot of it was like someone was speaking another language. All these big science words, that to be honest I haven't the slightest clue what they menat, and I assume most wouldn't.
The way I would explain the how/why is:
These sticks, which I assumed you would ingest, (I was wrong) are like a mouthwash. A mouthwash of good bacteria. The 1st day you take it, with the idea that the double dose on the first (as well as the last day) will help the bacteria colonize more effectively. The bacteria- which naturally occur in a very small percentage of the population, (You know the ones who have naturally sweet smelling breath?) are actually IN the pro-biotic sticks. The sticks are like crystal light sticks. You mix them with a small amount of water and gargle and swish it. These sticks day-by-day build up that good bacteria, which combat the bad bacteria, that makes you get halitosis. Best part, it is affordable AND it lasts up to a month! This bacteria can even help your gums, oral health, and keep you from getting sick/colds/ear infections. How it works in that area is, the good bacteria stops the bad bacteria from spreading/entering your throat to go into your inner ear. They have done studies on that, as well as the safety and effectiveness of these products and it has done well in all the studies. Like I always say... You learn something new everyday!

Probiotic FAQs

The scienece behind it

The Question

Dr. Katz (the maker of TheraBreath) makes another line of products that is not formulated for the mouth, but another part of the body. What part? And the products name?
Trivia closes at 5-30-2011 noon Eastern
In the event there is more than one correct answer, the correct answers will be numbered and a number chosen.
Good Luck!
The only rule is you must be a Google Friend Connect follower!

This product was provided to me free of charge from TheraBreath, the opinions contained in this review are 100% my own and I was not paid to endorse this product. You can always trust Casey to be straight up with you. If the product sucks, (excuse my language- but if you don't like it, your on the wrong blog) believe me, I would tell you it does. And I have. Just take a look through my blog. :) *winks!*


Deb said...

Well, I went all over the site and besides the pet products, everything has to do with oral care except maybe the Hydropulse Nasal-Sinus Irrigator for nose and sinuses. Is that the right answer? :)

hity88 said...

I concur. Hydropulse Nasal-Sinus Irrigator appears to be one non-mouth product that I could find. Maybe TheraBreath PLUS Nasal-Sinus Drops also.

jessica middlemas said...

he does the nasal sinus irragtor and the sinus drops

Centsational Saver said...

I'm a follower (Centsational Saver) I saw a line of oral products for pets and a line of products for the nose. centsationalsaver(at)live(dot)com

Breezy said...

The nose! Dr. Katz Thera Breath plus nasal sinus drops with Oxyd-8 Non-Zinc Formula

Ashley said...

The feet!

mrs.marcus2 at yahoo dot com

Deadmonkeys90 said...

gfc follower, the nose- nasal sinus drops!

Diana said...

I follow on GFC

Julie said...

Dr. Katz for Dogs + Cats Oral Solution saw this product for dogs ,also nasal drops for the nose
follow blog jelaws5


nasal irrigator mrs.mommyyatgmail

Gia_Pet said...

I follow you via GFC (Gia_Pet).

I believe it's the nose... I saw nasal sinus drops on the site.

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hmmmm nice post i really like it thanks for sharing this.
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